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A great day for children & youth

Teen Dental & Vision Day with United Concordia, the Texas Rangers, Vision Works, and the good folks from the Baptist Center in Arlington.

A Very Special Day

So much of the work Mission Arlington® does is for and with children, whether that is through the food, clothing, and emergency assistance provided by our front room to medical & dental support, sports teams, afterschool programs, transportation, summer camps, and on it goes. We love to “love on” children, and so does the generous community of supporters who volunteer here day after day and week after week. Saturday, August 12th, is just one more example.

Dental Health for Teenagers

United Concordia Insurance Company, the Insurance company of Major League Baseball knows that teenagers are among the most underserved population when it comes to Dental health.  So, for several years now, United Concordia sends their own staff, and also enlists a team of dental health professionals to take care of the dental needs of our youth.

To support this effort, the Texas Rangers Baseball team sends a couple of players who enjoy signing autographs, handing out baseballs, and talking with all the children & youth who drop by the Mission Arlington® campus for the day.

Vision Screening for Youth

Vision Works, a team of specialist with eye care will also be here this morning, evaluating the vision of teenagers.  Where vision needs to be corrected, the team will provide a voucher, so that the youth can receive a free pair of new eyeglasses designed just for them.

Healthy Eating for Children

“A Place at Mary’s Table” sponsored by the Baptist Center for Global Concerns located in Arlington happens today. Twenty children will attend fun and instructive classes to learn about the value of nutrition and to discover how to eat in a more healthy way. This team of specialists will provide a meal for the kids, and when they are finished today, each family will receive a week’s worth of food.

School Supplies on the Move

Today is the second day of distribution to the public for the school supplies they have requested. Families are here receiving the school supplies for their Arlington Independent School District child.  The supplies have been donated by our community, and we believe that by the time we are done, nearly 10,000 students will receive a full supply of what they need to start the school year.


All of these things for children are happening by the grace of God and for His glory, but also because of a generous community which surrounds us here, so that as many children & youth can receive the care they need and deserve.  We are grateful for you!


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