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Rainbow Express® Starts Soon

Rainbow Express® in action at a central Arlington location – using puppets to teach God’s Word.

Despite the cold weather, things are beginning to heat up here at Mission Arlington®.  March is just around the corner, and Rainbow Express® is drawing near. Several from our team have been getting ready.

Crafts are being prepared, T-shirts have been ordered, and communication is happening every day with team leaders from student groups who are coming our way. More than 560 students will be here for Arlington’s Spring Break, and over 1,000 students will be here through the month of March alone.

Rainbow Express® is our version of a back yard Bible club. Children & youth gather right where they live to participate in games, crafts, music, snacks, silly songs, and stories from God’s word. Beginning the first week of March, student groups from across the state and around the nation will spread out across our community to share God’s love with children and youth. In 2017 4,435 students from 169 different groups came to our community to lead Rainbow Express®. These students came from eleven different states and 48 different Texas cities.

Summer Missionary teaching at Rainbow Express®

So, what were the results?  We hosted Rainbow Express® in 404 locations last year, and a total of 27,659 students joined the fun.  When Rainbow Express® concluded at the end of last summer, 977 children & youth had accepted Christ.  Along the way there were hugs of joy, many prayers, and transformed lives of students here and also student volunteers who come to serve from all across the state and the nation.  You can understand why we are pretty excited about what’s to come.

Please join us in prayer for this next week and through the weeks of the Spring, so that children and youth in our community can experience God’s love, and grow deeper in their faith journey.  If you are interested in bringing a team to serve, call 817-277-6620 and ask for a groups coordinator. Heather or Jason will return your call. Or, you can drop them a note. We are excited about the immanent start of this ministry, and we are so grateful for your constant support and prayers.

We’ll keep you posted!

Date Published: February 23, 2018


Would you help us spread the word?

Mission Arlington® is still here at 210 W. South Street, and in full operation.

We are open every day, despite ongoing construction around us.

Mission Arlington® Remains Open

We have received many calls of concern asking about the ministry during this period of construction by our neighbors.  It is important to us that you know that every part of our ministry is in full operation.  Every door is open for you, and for our guests in need.

More than 650 people, six days each week, receive assistance from our front room. By conviction, through three decades, we have never closed our doors to people going through some of their most difficult moments.

They need us to be here to help, and we want to be here for them. We have also promised you that we will be here for the people, so you can have confidence that we will be open to meet people’s needs.

You can still drop-off your donations, and we will help!

You can drop-off your donations of food, clothes, and furniture in the same place — and in the same way — you always have.

We will help you unload your vehicles, and we now have a shuttle to help you get to and from your parking place. Thank you so much for your constant support! Please contact us at 817-277-6620 to let us know how we can help!

You mean so much to us!

Thank you so much for all you do to provide for the people who come through our front door every day!  You are making a difference in the lives of real people in need.

Date Published: February 8, 2018

Basketball Leagues Begin

Children’s Basketball League on a cold Saturday morning in February of 2018.

February Saturday mornings mean basketball at Mission Arlington®.  Our volunteer Bible study leaders arrive at the Mission early on Saturday morning to pick up a van, then travel across our community to knock on doors in apartment complexes in order to transport children from home to Mission Arlington®‘s gym in the center of town.

The coaches and referees arrive at the gym early to get everything ready, then greet the children with big smiles, free donuts, and a brightly colored donated shirt for each student to wear for the big day.

Children’s Basketball League Saturdays in February 2018

Sixty-eight (68) children arrived to play ball in central Arlington by 10:00 a.m.  For the next two hours, the children laughed while they dribbled the ball across the court. They worked in teams, passed the ball back and forth to each other, played basketball on teams, and received a great deal of encouragement from their volunteer coaches for playing the game.

The laughter and smiles on the children & their coaches perhaps was what made the day so special.

We are grateful for every volunteer Bible study leader, and every coach who came out to make a difference in children.

Date Published: February 6, 2018

We love what we do!

College students having fun while serving at Mission Arlington®.

It’s true. We love what we get to do here every day. From time to time, people express their appreciation by telling us that they “don’t know how we do what we do.”  We appreciate the affirmation, and we truly value the support, but what we get to do every day is fun, and it brings us joy and a sense of satisfaction.

We receive your gifts!

First, we get to work with you.  Day after day, you bring in your donations of food, clothes, household items, and furniture. You are so fulfilled in giving, gracious, and warm as you provide for others. Even though we make it possible for you to stay in your car when you give, most of the time, you are up and out, expressing gratitude to us while you help us unload your vehicle.  Add to this the kind of things you bring – not your leftovers, but the kind of supplies you think people might need. Many times, you have purchased the items in order to provide them.  Sometimes, we receive birthday gifts from children who want the gifts to come to Mission Arlington’s children, instead of to themselves. We are so humbled, blessed, and touched by the way you give.  We love what we do!

College Students from a group called CRU – Destino, serving at Mission Arlington this January.

We work alongside of you!

Second, Every day this community shows up. Sometimes, volunteers are young children – enthusiastic and energetic. Other times, it is a group of senior citizens giving their time to make a difference.  People come on their own, with friends, their civic club, school, church and/or business community. They come by themselves or in large groups. Some come for a day, and others stay for a week.  Volunteers come in all sizes, shapes, and forms, but each one brings their own sense of purpose and a desire to make a difference here. Every day of every week of every month of the year, we work alongside of one of the most generous, self-sacrificing communities imaginable.  We fold clothes, sort food, lift couches, and love people – one life at a time, all so that people in a moment of crisis can receive the help they need to be ok.  We value working together, and we love what we do!

We see changed lives!

Finally, we know that what we do here makes a difference, because we hear it in the voices of those expressing gratitude, and we read it in the notes they send almost every day. Earlier this month, we received the following public review from someone named Robin.

Mission Arlington® is a Godsend. They have helped me with my utility bills, clothes, diapers and a bit of food. Utility help once a year, food and other services everyday. They even have little birthday parties for little kiddos. They pray for you too. Which sometimes you need to hear someone pray/wish you a better situation. I give back whenever I can.

In 2017, an average of 653 people came through our front doors for help every day. We watch people receive food, clothing, healthcare support, and so much more. We see the tears, hear the expression of thanks, and feel the sweet hugs.  We love the privilege we have of being here every day to serve our Lord, and to help the people.

Thank you so much for walking this journey with us day after day.  We really do love what we do!

Date Published: January 29, 2018

Parking Information During Construction

When you come to Mission Arlington® you will see that all parking east of the Mission Arlington® offices is no longer available due to construction.

Please Note: There is no change in any drop off locations. All services are open and available in the same way and the same locations as they always have been.

Below is a map to show you where you can park. / Shuttles will be available to bring you to the office.

If you have any problems finding a place to park, please call our offices at 817-277-6620. Let us know anything we can do to help make this transition smoother for you.

Date Published: January 19, 2018

A Day to “Make A Difference”

This beautiful team of energetic ladies from Alpha Kappa Alpha served with us at the “Day of Service” in 2017.

Join the community on this special day of celebration and service

It’s called a “day-on,” not a “day-off,” because the national holiday celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday should be about getting out and helping the world to be a better place, or making a difference in the lives of someone else. The legacy of Dr. King involves unselfish sacrifice on the behalf of others, and that is exactly what this holiday has become at Mission Arlington®.

Your help truly makes a difference

People from all walks of life join the community celebrations in various locations, and then come to serve alongside of us as together we help people who are at a point of need in their lives.  This particular holiday has become one of our favorites, because of the beautiful spirit of the volunteers.  People come by themselves, with their friends, their families, or with a team of some kind, and there is laughter in the work, as boxes of food are carried into the pantry where a young mom will receive it. Or, as clothes are folded and put on hangars, so that children will have what they need to be OK at school or other places. Some from among this crew will gladly carry couches, and beds to a delivery truck, knowing that the furniture will soon be on its way to help a family have a place to sleep again.

A Great Team – Advancing the Dream

For the second year in a row, Mission Arlington® is honored to partner with Arlington’s 29th annual “Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. ‘Advancing the Dream’s 4-day Celebration. On the National Holiday, beginning at 9:00 a.m., teams of people will gather in one of our facilities downtown to receive refreshment and instruction before being deployed throughout our community to serve and to make a difference.  We are so pleased to be a part of this great day.

Come Serve with Us!

Mission Arlington® is open on Monday, January 15th, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Please plan to serve with us at any point during the day that you are available.  If you only have an hour to give, that’s OK.    If you can come with a friend or a team and stay for several hours, that’s great too.  Remember, we are “kid-friendly,” so if you want to bring your children with you, we will have plenty of age-appropriate activities for them as well.

We are excited about working alongside of you any day you can come to help.  Thank you so much for the privilege of walking this journey together.

Date Published: January 12, 2018

Support with a Smile!

Support for Mission Arlington® grows through the Christmas season when you do your shopping with Amazon Smile instead of Amazon.  “Smile.amazon.com” is owned by and a parallel site to amazon.com, but when you use “smile,” Amazon donates a percentage of your eligible purchases to us.

How you make this happen is easy enough. Click on the picture above, or this LINK to get to the right spot. Choose Mission Metroplex, Inc. for your charity, and then do your shopping just like you would on the normal Amazon site. The difference is that you will be contributing to the ministry here at the same time you are purchasing gifts for the season.

Oh, just think how special it will be to find the gifts you want for your family & friends, while simultaneously helping this ministry here. Your gifts through Amazon Smile will provide encouragement and practical support to families in need throughout our community.  Year-to-date Amazon has sent $1,800 as the byproduct of your gifts to others.

Purchase through Amazon smile provide for Arlington’s children.  Wow! What a blessing. We are so grateful for your constant, sacrificial support. Thank you for all the ways you support our work year-round.

Date Published: December 12, 2017

Opening Day

A beautifully decorated Christmas Store awaits families for opening day – Saturday, December 9th, 10:00 a.m.

The Christmas Store is special place where parents choose the Christmas gifts they want for their children. Childcare is provided, and the Christmas gifts are wrapped. More than 30 thousand children received Christmas gifts last year. The store is decorated beautifully.  There is a special spirit about this space which

Store Details
  • Dates: December 9th – 22nd (not Sundays);
  • Times 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

When you want to help
  1. Christmas Gifts:  Christmas gifts for children of all ages are still needed. These gifts should be unwrapped, and new, or “nearly new.” If you want to purchase gifts for the store, you can look through the list of commonly purchased toys to get a sense of what we need.
  2. Volunteers are still needed to staff the store. If you would like to volunteer, just come on down to serve. You don’t need an appointment. If you are coming with a group of people, give us a call (817-277-6620), and we’ll get you set up.

We are grateful for you!

We can do this, because we are surrounded by a generous & faithful community who care for children. We are so blessed to walk this journey with you.

Date Published: December 8, 2017

The Christmas Spirit

A volunteer team has fun serving in our Christmas store this past year.

The Christmas Season Arrives at Mission Arlington®

Though the Christmas weather isn’t quite in the air yet, the Christmas spirit sure is, especially here at Mission Arlington®. People are bringing in Christmas toys every day, and our free Christmas store is coming alive.

Volunteers have been working all year long to freshen up the store with new paint and getting new gifts ready to go out to families.  The activity has increased significantly since Thanksgiving day. Teams of people are collecting toys through their families, their civic organizations, companies, and more, then bringing the gifts to Mission Arlington®, so that children will have something under the tree on Christmas day.

Here are a few details about the store, and how you can help.

Christmas Store Dates & Times
  • Dates: December 9th – December 22nd;
  • Times: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. every day; 
  • Closed: the store isn’t open on Sundays

Christmas Gifts & Volunteers
  1. Gifts you can Provide: You can bring new and/or nearly new toys and Christmas gifts to the main Mission offices downtown anytime between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. any day of the week.  If you need a few ideas about what to give, check out this Christmas toys list to find your inspiration.
  2. Coming to Help: We need volunteers prior to the store’s opening. There is still a lot to do to help us get ready. We also need volunteers to help when the store opens – from people who organize the stock room, to shopper helpers, to Christmas gift wrappers, and more. Come by yourself, with your family, or your team. Come make a difference while having a wonderful time helping children.
Date Published: November 30, 2017

True Reasons for Thanksgiving

Perhaps in some settings “Thanksgiving” is more of a sentiment rather than a reality, a routine, a ritual, or a holiday role rather than the deep affection of the heart. If that is true somewhere in the world, it certainly wasn’t true here on Thanksgiving day last week. More than 6,000 volunteers arrived early in downtown Arlington Sunday.  They could have been at home preparing the annual meal, getting ready for the family to come, or enjoying well-deserved rest, but they weren’t.

When these volunteers arrived at Mission Arlington® (some of them very early), there was an excitement & enthusiasm about being there to help other people. Though the line wasn’t very long, there was still a bit of waiting for volunteers to do – whether waiting for their assignment out front or their Thanksgiving food around the back – yet a “can do” spirit permeated the atmosphere.  Smiles and laughter were evident everywhere. People enjoy giving back.

We have been filled with gratitude throughout this Thanksgiving season, because of the generous support of this community for people in need.  You brought more than 5,200 turkeys which were delivered on Thanksgiving morning, and a bunch of other Thanksgiving food too.  Then, you came out on Thanksgiving day to deliver that food to 26,095 people altogether – about 6,033 families. As you came back through, time and time again, we heard from you how much the food meant to those who received it, but also how much it meant to you to be on the delivery team.

For those of you who weren’t able to deliver on Thanksgiving morning, but gave to make those deliveries possible, we say “Thank you.”  To those who prayed early and throughout the day, we say “Thank you.”  Together with this amazing community we form a huge team of people from a variety of perspectives and backgrounds who all came together with one heart to be a part of providing for people in need. It was an extraordinary experience. Our prayer has been that the people who gave and the people who received would see God in the process and raise their voice to Him in genuine Thanksgiving for his provision.

As we move through this season towards the next, would you hear from us one more time how truly thankful we are for you.

Date Published: November 27, 2017
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