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Easter Egg Hunt 2016

Easter is a time of celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Children from across the community will take part in the “World’s Largest” Easter Egg Hunt hosted by Mission Arlington®/Mission Metroplex® where there will be over 80,000 Easter eggs stuffed with candy and ready for the children.  More than just an egg hunt, however, Mission Arlington® leaders will share the Easter story with everyone who attends.  In addition, the children will find a gym full of bouncy houses, free food, fun with soccer, and more.

Mission Arlington®/Mission Metroplex® also has an Easter Store. It is an extension of the Christmas Store.  Easter is as important, if not more so, than Christmas.  Just like the Christmas Store every visitor will hear the story of Jesus Christ.

We will open our doors for parents to shop for Easter baskets for each of their children free of charge. Each basket will be filled with candy and items. The Easter store is a blessing to those who shop and volunteer.

Easter Egg Hunt – Frequently Asked Questions

            FAQ #1 – When can I bring my family to the “World’s Largest” Easter Egg Hunt?

Mission Arlington is excited to celebrate our Risen Savior with you and your family on Saturday April 15, 2017 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

          FAQ #2 – Where is this taking place?

We will be at 1516 W Pioneer Pkwy (SE Corner of Pioneer Pkwy. & Fielder Rd.) – Across from Kroger.

            FAQ #3 – Who can come to the Easter Egg Hunt?

Everyone is welcome, although all children will need to be accompanied by an adult.

          FAQ #4 – Why is this the “World’s Largest” Easter Egg Hunt?

Mission Arlington®’s Easter egg hunt is affectionately known as the “world’s largest,” because so many children and families take advantage of this wonderful, free event.  The               “egg hunt” takes more than 100,000 plastic eggs filled with candy to serve the crowd of children who race the field searching for their treasure.

           FAQ #5 – How can I help?

We are grateful that you want to volunteer.

We can use your help on April 15th at the Easter Egg Hunt. Please come to the volunteer table when you arrive.

If you would like to schedule your group or team, please contact Heather at 817-704-6160.

We can also use plastic eggs and candy. You can drop these items off at Mission Arlington located at 210 S West Street.


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