Food Donations

DSC_0087Mission Arlington® does not purchase food. Instead, we depend upon individuals, families, civic organizations and businesses across our community to help us help people in need.You, your family, and/or your organization can help Mission Arlington® keep providing food to families in need. Canned and dry goods can make make all the difference.

Six days each week, 364 days a year, Mission Arlington® provides food for people in need. Thanks for the way you give, so that no family in our community will ever have to be hungry. Listed in the table below are some suggested items for food donations:

Suggested Items for Food Donations

 Rice  Beans Peanut Butter
 Powdered Milk  Breakfast Cereal Jelly or Jams
 Canned Vegetables  Canned Fruits  Pasta
 Canned Soups  Crackers  Tomato Sauce
 Macaroni & Cheese  Juice Bottles & Boxes Ensure Drinks
Hamburger  Tuna Helper Baking Items
Flour, Sugar, etc. Snack Items Bread, all types
 Desserts  Condiments  Canned meats
 Tuna, Chicken  Vienna Sausages Spam, etc.

Kroger and Tom Thumb Grocery Stores

Learn how you can give even more just by shopping. Did you know that you can also help Mission Arlington when you are shopping at Tom Thumb or Kroger? Kroger and Tom Thumb partner with Mission Arlington®/Mission Metroplex® to help people in need. You can help us help others through your every day purchases.  Click the link just above so that the next time you are shopping you can help someone in need.

Mission Arlington® Food Bags for Working Families

Listed below are the typical items we try to get into every food bag we hand out to people in need. Put your own bag together and drop it by our office. If you are looking for a way that your group can contribute, “Food Bags” are great for schools, corporate volunteers, scout troops, civic clubs and more.

 4 cans of vegetables  1 snack 2 cans of meat (chicken, tuna, etc)
 Packaged dinner item  1 can of fruit 1 can of soup
 Handful of crackers  1 tube of crackers 1 can of tomato sauce
 Condiment  1 drink item (juice, etc) Baking item (flour, sugar, etc.)
 Peanut Butter  Breakfast item Jelly
1 sliced bread  2 additional types of bread 1 dessert item

Mission Arlington® Food Bags for Homeless Families

We also provide food bags to homeless, taking into consideration their special needs.

4 small pop-top cans of meat  1 snack 1 bread
 Peanut Butter  1 drink item Handful or tube of crackers
 Plastic ware

Personal Attention: When families come to request emergency assistance, they are given personal attention by a trained Mission Arlington® counselor. Families receive enough food to care for their family for two to three days. To request assistance, visit the front room at the Mission Arlington®/Mission Metroplex® offices Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm and on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

You can bring food into the Mission office, or call us at 817-277-6620, and we will come pick it up.