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Tours of Mission Arlington begin out front at our downtown location. We love to show people around.

With this page, we want to provide you with a variety of ways that you can connect with us, so that you can join the wonderful team of volunteers  who form the family that is Mission Arlington®.  You will also find here a few ways to keep connected to ministry news and events. Finally, if you have never been personally to meet the team here, or to see the work with your own eyes, we provide you information here that will help you “join the fun.”

Contact Us

  1. Basic Information: 210 W. South St., Arlington, TX 76010; Phone: 817-277-6620; Fax: 817-277-3388; Tillie Burgin, Executive Director; To send comments by e-mail click here!
  2. Ministry Contacts: For specific ministry contact phone numbers and e-mail connections, link here
  3. Services we provide: For more information about the multiple ways we help people, click here
  4. How to volunteer: If you are interested in knowing more about ways you can get involved, click here.

General Information

Mission Arlington® began on August 1st, 1986. Tillie Burgin, an Arlington, TX native and a former missionary from South Korea, has been the team leader here since we began. Learn more about our  history or our core values here. You can find a few news articles published about us through the years here.

Our mission – as a “faith-based” organization – is to utilize hundreds of volunteers and a multitude of services to assist people with their physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual needs.

You can discover more about our approach to ministry, our administration, and/or about the different ways you can give by connecting to this link.  You might be interested to know upfront that every service we provide for people is “free of charge.”  It is also true that we do not sell what you provide. When you give it, we give it away.

Keep Current

  1. Daily Mission Updates – a short online note published Monday-Friday about the current activities and prayer needs at the mission. Even when you can’t come in to the campus, you can keep connected to the day-to-day prayer needs of the people and the work here. Click here to connect;
  2. Bi-Monthly Newsletters – Mission Arlington® publishes a 1-page, double-sided newsletter six times a year. These are full-color information pieces sharing ministry results & upcoming events. You can access current and archived newsletters online. Click here to learn more;
  3. Prayer Partners – If you would like to receive an occasional email from us with specific information about items for which you can pray, please click here.

Come and See

We’ve discovered through the years that what people think they know about us is often different than what they experience when they visit. If you are interested in “taking a tour” of our campus downtown contact Jim at 817-704-6143, and he will get you on the schedule.  To set up a Sunday tour with Tillie to experience various apartment Bible studies, contact Tillie at 817-704-6170 to see when the next tour will be.

Click here for more information. As the old commercial for the motel chain expresses so well, “we’ll leave the light on for you.”