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30th Anniversary “Thank you” Video

Mission Arlington turns 30th, on August 1st, 2016. We’ve created this  2.5 minute video posted on YouTube to say “thank you” to each of you who have come along-side of us through these decades and years (Download video here – 85MB). Contact Jim at 817-704-6143 if you have questions or concerns, or if there is a way we can provide support). Thank you so much!

An Introduction and Overview of Mission Arlington®

An overview of Mission Arlington® and its beginnings, as shared by our Executive Director Tillie Burgin. This video was produced by our friends at the City of Arlington as one in a series of the American Dream Stories about Arlington, TX. We are honored to share this video with you here.

Mission Arlington Prepares to Feed 27,000 (Thanksgiving 2015)

Mission Arlington® honored as “best charity” in the DFW Area

This is a video produced this year by the good folks at the “Official BEST of” team from Hollywood, California. They provide TV and web viewers with the official best places to visit in a growing number of states across America.  After an organization is nominated, the research team from the organization consults with local Convention and Visitors Bureaus, Chambers of Commerce and other experts in the field to determine which nominations will be named the “best of.” Mission Arlington® was nominated and selected to be the “Best Charity of DFW.” We are humbled and honored by this designation.

Arlington Fire Department and Tillie Burgin Christen Boat

The Arlington Fire Department christened a new rescue boat on Friday, September 11th, 2015 in honor of Tillie Burgin, director of Mission Arlington® in honor of the Mission Arlington family and all who volunteer and serve there. Watch Tillie christen the vessel using a big bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper here:

Diabetes Education – “La Sweet Vida” Testimonies

“La Sweet Vida” was created in partnership with the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) which facilitated the creation of a diabetes education and prevention center within the Medical Clinic of Mission Arlington®.

Through the creative prism of graphic design, the ministry of the Clinic was broadened (facilitating touch screens, videos, app design, interior design, and health information) to provide education and prevention assistance to families at risk. You can view below the video created and produced by UTA students. You can view more video testimonials here!

Mission Arlington® Classic Video – Produced in 1996 (when we were 10 years old).

This video, though produced in 1996, still communicates the heart of Mission Arlington® / Mission Metroplex®. Some of the ministries portrayed in this video (such as childcare, and a day shelter) no longer function in the same way. Other ministries are in operation now which weren’t when this video was created. And, of course, the results you hear within the video were accurate in 1996. For a full list of current services, click here.  To discover our current annual or monthly reports, click here.

WATCH THE VIDEO: [Watch Video]      (Windows Media Player Required)

Tillie’s Testimony: “Faith in the Future Video”

Tillie Burgin was among several individuals invited to Duke University in March 2001 to speak at a conference on Religion, Aging and Healthcare in the 21st Century. The conference was hosted by the CounterBalance Foundation.  The video gives you a strong view of the heart of Mission Arlington® as shared by Tillie herself.

WATCH TILLIE’S ADDRESS (approx 22 minutes)/ [(Real Player Required)]

Mission Arlington turns 25: Anniversary Video

Introduction and Overview Video: For the occasion of Mission Arlington® ‘s 25th anniversary (produced in 2012) by a graduate student at the University of Texas at Arlington. The numbers are a bit out of date of course, but the overview is still strong. For current annual reports, click here.

For More Videos about Mission Arlington®, check out this link: Mission Arlington® Videos on Vimeo.


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