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“Oh be careful little feet”

Children learn the meaning of Isaiah 52:7.

Children learn the meaning of Isaiah 52:7.

This past Tuesday evening, Mission Arlington® hosted the first of three camps for younger children, (for those in Kindergarten through third grade). July begins “camp season” at the mission.  Last summer, more than 1,100 children and youth attended one of our 7 free summer camps. These camps host students of all ages – from Kindergarten through high school.   The Mission Arlington® family loves to be involved in the lives of our children and youth.

140 younger children attended camp this Tuesday night. Bible study leaders picked them up from all over the city.  After registration, where the participants were divided into teams, everyone enjoyed an old fashioned hot dog dinner, with chips, drinks, and more.  The students then joined a variety of stations – from scripture memory and music, to a Bible lesson, to a very bouncy house, and then a station for crafts.

kiddiecamp2015-1bThe theme for the evening was “beautiful feet,” taken from the first part of Isaiah 52:7: “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news . . .”   The children contrasted the general impression of feet as “not so pleasant” with the Scripture’s take that those who share the love of Christ have feet that truly are “beautiful.” Crafts for the evening involved the making of sandals (see picture to the right).  It was truly a fun evening.

There is a children’s song that many of us learned growing up in church – a song for younger children, called “Oh be Careful Little Eyes.”  The song gently encourages children to be careful what their eyes see, what their ears here, what their hands do, what their mouth says, and where their feet go. This song was so popular that it has been published over time in 14 different church hymnals, and it has been used as a theme in countless sermons.

Mission Arlington® didn’t use this particular song with its camp Tuesday night, but it well could have. There is something beautiful and good about loving on children and teaching them early about the ways of our Lord. As these seeds are planted, may these children grow into the kind of people who, later in life, will shout out the good news from the mountain top.  May we as adults remember this too.

We are so grateful for the privilege we have as the Mission Arlington® family to walk this journey together in these days.  Thank you for the many ways you give, pray, and help.  You are making a difference here.


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