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An Overflowing Cup!

Mission Arlington® on a rare quiet morning before the hustle and bustle of the day begin. We are so grateful for your constant, faithful, sacrificial support. Truly, our cup overflows.

Growth in Every Direction

Your DonationsIf you have been down or have come through the Mission in recent days, then you know that our downtown campus often feels like a small, bustling city. To the west of Oak street, cars line up to donate all kinds of furniture. Our furniture delivery ministry operates outside on a parking lot, and we are currently picking up and delivering furniture at a record pace. On the east side of Oak street, another row of cars is in line to donate household items, clothing, and food.

A crowd of volunteers on each side of the street busily unloads people’s donations, laughing, enjoying the moments to help and serve those in need. Our hope is that these lines move quickly enough, so that no one ever has to wait too long to donate, but through the month of June and now into July, the lines don’t seem to dissipate. We are so amazed by the generous kindness of the beautiful community which surrounds us. As quickly as you bring it in, we deliver your gifts to those waiting on it.

Gathered GuestsAt the north end of our campus, the front room is filled with guests who have found themselves experiencing a moment of need. More than 500 people a day continue to receive food, clothes, emergency financial assistance along with personal care and an offered prayer for God’s provision and blessing. Over time, we’ve noticed that the being attentive means almost as much as provisions. Many volunteers help us care for the people every day. We are so grateful.

Full Health Clinics: We have been so blessed every day by numerous volunteer dentists, physicians, and other health professionals who give their time and talents to help people struggling with their health. Each clinic stays full almost all the time with people struggling with various health needs. We are on a record pace to serve more in these clinics than ever before. In addition, a strong team of volunteer therapists, licensed counselors, and others provide sound counsel and support through our counseling center.

Into the Community: Church student groups from across the country land in Arlington every week. They worship with and receive training from us, then head out into multiple locations across our community to share God’s love through Rainbow Express®. Individuals, friends, families, civic and corporate teams are also landing with us each day to lift the load – sorting clothes, organizing school supplies, and moving food into the pantry for distribution.

Thirty+ summer missionaries from Texas, all across North America, and around the world are living and serving with us this summer. They assist our congregations, lead summer programs, and fill in wherever they are needed – often working 10 to 12 hours a day. June evenings were filled with Rainbow Express® and revival services. The month of July finds focus in 7 free camps for children and youth.

Growing Congregations: Volunteer teams continue to teach the Bible in 349 locations throughout our community. These congregations are growing numerically and spiritually as people learn God’s word and apply it to their circumstances. Each of these congregations are busy with Christ-centered activities, funerals, weddings, and all the things that churches do. These volunteers teach Sunday school, lead music, outreach, and a host of other activities.

Our Cup Overflows: The cup which King David references in the 23rd Psalm represents the provisions and blessings which are poured out by the Good Shepherd. and blessings. The cup is our normal portion in life that God gives each man and woman as He pleases. According to one writer, this psalm made sense to the Jews, because “when they received a guest, they would intentionally overfill the cup and allow it to run over and by doing this, the guest would know that they’re welcome to stay as long as they want.”

When we say that our cup runs over in these days, it is with a genuine sense of gratitude to God for the way he provides for His people. We watch you bring in so many gifts – whether it is clothes, or food, or fans for the heat, and the tears flow easily, because we see in you a kind of love which overflows in all directions to bless others. We are truly touched and grateful.

The Need Remains Strong: When we say that “our cup overflows,” we don’t in any way mean to communicate that you should stop giving or helping. The need is as great as ever for your investment here – whether it is to teach a Bible study to children who have never heard much about God’s love before, or to answer phones, to collect and/or to organize school supplies, and on and on. We continue to need your support in a growing number of ways and times so that God will be glorified in and through this ministry as the people receive the care they need and deserve.

We are truly grateful for you!


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