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Rainbow Express® Begins

 It’s Spring Break at Mission Arlington®

 Spring at Mission Arlington®  means the start of Rainbow Express®. If you haven’t heard of Rainbow Express® before, it is our name for a “backyard Bible club. ” Student groups come from around the nation to help, and it is always so much fun.
  1,600 students  will arrive
here to lead these events in  93 different locations . Several groups are already here this week – serving here each morningand leading Rainbow Express® every afternoon.

What is Rainbow Express?

Each event lasts around two hours, and happens over a four-day span of time in each location. Fun songs, outdoor activities, crafts, and Bible stories make up the experience. Plus, there is a lot
of individual love and attention given to each child.

Sharing Jesus

Where do these student groups stay?

Some of the teams coming into town stay in local hotels, of course, but many of the 65 different groups who come need a place to stay.  In order to make it easier for churches to bring their students, we will house them in as many of our facilities as we possibly can. Staying in a Mission Arlington®  location basically means that each student will have a clean and safe place to stay where everyone sleeps on the floor. They will have access to restrooms, showers, and a small kitchen.  We provide these facilities free of charge, and they are spartan.

How you can help

The best and most important service you can offer us through this week, Spring Break, and the weeks to come is to pray. Please pray for an outpouring of God’s Spirit, for the right connections to be made between church youth groups and individual children & youth in the community. Pray for safety in travel, and above all, please pray that there will be no distractions from the message of the gospel of Christ.  We are praying specifically for people to be saved. May our Lord be glorified through it all.

We are grateful for you!


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