Mission Arlington | Mission Metroplex

Special Days

These days have been special at Mission Arlington®.  We love so much the opportunities we have to serve this community alongside of you. We especially love the privilege we have of serving children, youth, and their families.  The Easter season here provides us ample opportunities to do just that.

Since you were the ones who gave the plastic eggs filled with candy, and since you were the ones who came here to put them together for the kids, and since so many of you who couldn’t give or come prayed with and for us all the way through, we wanted to provide this Easter report for you.

  1.  Easter Store – 1,012 people attended; 
  2.  Maundy Thursday Youth Service – 182 youth attended; 
  3.  Easter Egg Hunt – 4,702 people attended. 

In our Bible studies and congregations this past Sunday, thousands gathered to worship a risen Lord. Thank you so much for your faithful generosity. You are making a difference here.


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