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Summer begins!

If you have been around Mission Arlington® for very long, then you already know that Rainbow Express® is our version of a backyard Bible club, or a Vacation Bible School.

Led by volunteer student groups from around the state and across the country, these 21/2 hour, four-day events gather children & youth for music, games, crafts, puppets, snacks, and Bible stories.

Summer Rainbow Express® began in the last week of May and will continue through the first weeks of summer. In the first days of the second week, nearly 700 children have attended already.Wow!

As these student groups fan out across our city, our ministry at the offices downtown stays strong. You are dropping by with food, clothing, and furniture from early to late. Volunteers are taking the furniture out to people who need it as soon as it arrives.

Hundreds of people are waiting in our front room for care every morning and throughout the day.  Twenty+ student missionaries are embedded across the community leading summer programs every day with children & youth, and revivals are being held several nights each week through June.

We are humbled and honored to serve the Lord alongside each of you. A growing number of people stop to pray for this ministry every day at 10:00.  Your prayers, your gifts, and your time are such an encouragement to us.  Thank you. You are making a difference in this city.


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