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Thanksgiving is a very special time at Mission Arlington/Mission Metroplex®. By connecting the giving hearts of the people of Arlington to those in need during Thanksgiving, Mission Arlington® seeks to make a lasting impact in the community. Each year roughly 6,000 volunteers arrive at the Mission to deliver Thanksgiving meals to thousands of people on Thanksgiving Day, allowing people across the area to enjoy Thanksgiving in the comfort of their own home.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ #1- What types of Thanksgiving meals does Mission Arlington® provide?

Mission Arlington® provides three types of Thanksgiving meals:

The Turkey Basket Dinner includes an uncooked, whole turkey with family-sized sides to be prepared in your home. This option is great for families that have the capability and desire to cook at home.

The Cooked Turkey Dinner consists of one individually-packaged, precooked Thanksgiving meal. The cooked meal is good for individuals and families wanting to eat their meal at home, but not be required to cook it themselves.

FAQ #2-  How do I receive a meal?

You can have either a Turkey Basket or Cooked Turkey Dinner delivered to your home by registering for one at Mission Arlington/Mission Metroplex® or contacting us at 817-277-6620.

FAQ #3- How can I help?

Help is needed in multiple ways!

First, food donations are a necessity to ensure the success of this event. We begin accepting donations of whole, uncooked turkeys, cans of corn, green beans, beets, fruit, pie filling, carrots, chicken broth, and boxes of mashed potatoes, stuffing, and rice in October.

Secondly, volunteers are needed for the preparation and delivery of the Thanksgiving Meals. You can volunteer any time during the month of November and/or Thanksgiving Day. If interested, contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Heather, at 817-277-6629.

FAQ #4- When and where do volunteers meet Thanksgiving Day?

Volunteers should meet at 8:00 am Thanksgiving Day at Mission Arlington/Mission Metroplex®, 210 W. South St. You will be done by noon that day.


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