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Thanksgiving Preparation Underway

Coble Middle School Students from Mansfield lifted the load Saturday as we get ready for Thanksgiving Day deliveries.


Though we set aside food for Thanksgiving Day deliveries all year long, the efforts to prepare for the holiday truly ramps up in November. If you come by Mission Arlington® anytime this month, you will see a “front room” full of people signing their families up to receive food on Thanksgiving day.  Out back you will see people dropping off turkeys and other Thanksgiving food – while other volunteers help unload it and place it in freezers.

If you were to drive by our place this past Saturday, you would have seen an amazing food sorting process in motion. Teams of people from every age group (young to old) were separating food into like kind (boxes of corn, green beans, etc.).  You would see another group taking the sorted food and building boxes filled with assortments of that food which will go with a family’s turkey on Thanksgiving day.  More than 2,200 boxes were built by these teams this past Saturday.

We are so honored to be a partner with this community in providing food for families in need during an important holiday. On Thanksgiving morning, with the help of so many generous volunteers, we hope to provide food to more than 6,000 families again this year.  We love how the Lord brings all of this together, and we are so thankful for each one of you who pray, give, and help during these days.

Please come see us when you can, and join the fun!


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