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Lesson 45: The Holy Spirit Comes to the Gentiles

Acts 10:1-48. Memory verse: Hebrews 3:7-8a.

Lesson 41: Jesus Talks About Going Away and Sending the Holy Spirit

John 16:1-33. Memory verse: John 16:33.

Lesson 01: Holy Spirit

John 14, 16 and Romans 8:1-39. Memory verse: Romans 8:14.

Lesson 04: Pray by God’s Holy Spirit

Lesson Goal: To explain that our prayer should be by God’s Holy Spirit. Memory verse: Romans 8:26.

Lesson 04: The Holy Spirit Comes

Acts 2:1-13. Memory verse: John 14:12.

Lesson 21: The Holy Spirit: He Helps Us and Speaks to Us

God’s Holy Spirit is in the life of each believer. Therefore, each believer can depend on God’s Holy Spirit for guidance and strength. Memory verse: Romans 8:16.

Lesson 20: The Holy Spirit: Ever Present, Everywhere, and God’s Revealer

God’s Holy Spirit is with every believer. This lesson will guide the learner to an understanding of the work of God’s Holy Spirit. Memory verse: John 3:8.

Lesson 19: The Holy Spirit: God’s Gift to Us

God cares for us so much that He sends His Holy Spirit to be with us. This happens immediately when we trust Christ as Savior. God’s Spirit in us assures us that we can overcome difficulties. Memory verse: 1 John 4:13.

Lesson 18: The Holy Spirit: He is God

The Holy Spirit is a part of the Trinity. The Holy Spirit is a gift of God to us, but each one of us must decide her or his own relationship with the Holy Spirit. Memory verse: John 14:16.

Lesson 03: Who Is the Holy Spirit?

John 13 and 16. Memory verse: Matthew 28:19.


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