Mission Arlington | Mission Metroplex

“Be the Light”

Team Picture from "Be the Light"Shining their Light

This past April, right at the start of the global pandemic, Mission Arlington® / Mission Metroplex® received a gift of $2,500 from “Be the LightYouth Association, located in the DFW community.  “Be the Light” is led by over 30 students from the North Texas area.

This creative and energetic team of young people teach speech and debate classes to 4th-9th graders in the community, and then donate 100% of the proceeds to nonprofits that support disadvantaged families and children in the region. Mission Arlington® / Mission Metroplex® was honored to be a recipient of this gift.

Seeing Increased Need

Because of the pandemic and its affect on families, Mission Arlington / Mission Metroplex has provided food to more than 48 thousand families (171,822 people) in the first six months of this year. This represents a 364 percent increase over this time last year, and there are no signs that the need is slowing down.

Making a Difference

Our administrative overhead continues to be a very low 1.7 percent. This means that more than 98 cents of every dollar donated here provides direct care to people in need.  The gift of $2,500 from “Be the Light” made an authentic difference in the lives of real people in need. Wow!


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