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Thankful for “Giving Tuesday”

Instead of large Easter egg hunt this year, volunteers honored social distancing while delivering candy-filled eggs to more than 6,500 children, along with food for their family. The smile on this young girl was one of many we saw that day.

We are thankful for your wonderful support on Giving Tuesday, May 5th.  Once again, you gave generously and sacrificially to make a difference here.  The gifts we received Tuesday were as strong as they ever have been on this day. We want you to know that these funds will support the needs of so many who are struggling with financial hardships during this season. We are able to provide, because you made it possible. Thank you.

What was Giving Tuesday?

During this unprecedented time, many nonprofits have increased needs for support, in order to care for people in need affected by the personal and economic impact of COVID-19. Mission Arlington® / Mission Metroplex® is no different. We were already seeing larger numbers and greater need in the lives of people who walked through our front doors every day.

Because of this, the Communities Foundation of Texas (and many sponsors) made huge efforts to support local nonprofits with the “North Texas Giving Tuesday Now,” on Tuesday, May 5th. So many of you gave to make a difference here. We were overwhelmed by the community support of people in need through this offering. Thank you so much.

Transparency and Accountability

It is important to us that we operate with transparency, and that we are accountable to our supporters. Here are a few things about our ministry which may be helpful for you to know.

  • We are in our 34th year of serving in our community;
  • We do not charge for any service we provide; Every service is provided free of charge;
  • We do not sell or resell anything our community provides. When you give it, we give it away;
  • Tillie Burgin, our Director, has been here since the beginning, August 1st, 1986. Our small staff has been here and worked together for many years;
  • We are accountable to God first, and we work closely with a governing body who meets every month. We are audited annually by a local, respected accounting firm, and we voluntarily participate with multiple charity watchdogs, being in good standing with each;
  • You can find the results of our ministry, published here.We are so grateful for the constant support of this community.


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