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Rainbow Express® Brings Hope

Hundreds of student groups are in town (400+) this Spring Break to lead Rainbow Express.® These young people are here from all across Texas: Rotan, Hallsville, Keller, Rockwall, Odessa, Keller, Tyler, Van Alstyne, Moody, and more. We also have several churches here from Mississippi, including Ripley, Clinton, Meridian, & Florence. It is an amazing group of people.

On Mission, a phrase which describes the heart of the student groups here this week. These young people could make different choices than the one that brought them to Arlington. When the students arrive, we know already that they could have stayed home, instead of spending their free time like this. They chose to leave the comforts of home for a week to live in spartan accommodations with their youth group, to work long days in the ever-changing Texas weather, so that they can express God’s love in practical ways.  Many here were inspired by their loving sacrifice. We are energized and blessed to serve alongside these faithful, called, congregations.

Children learn about God’s love at Rainbow Express

Prayer undergirds this important work, and love provides the motivation.  Churches set aside resources, and parents pray while their students load into church vans and travel to another state to serve the Lord.   Youth ministers receive the large body of material weeks ahead of time, and students devote a few hours each week in preparation for the trip, learning four days worth of Bible stories, activities, songs, crafts, and games.  Churches back home are praying for the students and the effective accomplishment of the Lord’s work while they are here. The Mission Arlington family, and the prayer network all across our community also is lifting this ministry up to the Lord every day. We are expecting the Lord to use these young people in a mighty way to make a difference here.  Thanks to each of you who continue to pray.

Eternity hangs in the balance.  Last year, more than 23,681 children attended a Rainbow Express®  event in 335 locations, and 507 of them accepted Christ.   These events are a lot of fun. We know, because the children & youth of our community shoot out of their homes as soon as the Rainbow Express®  team arrives.  Even after an hour and a half of activity, many don’t want to stay instead of going home.  Rainbow Express is designed for children & youth, and it is truly fun.  However, it is also more than that.

The intersection of families from our community, and student groups from across the US, and the teaching of God’s Word fills hearts with HOPE. We are grateful for the privilege we have of sharing God’s love, and spreading His word throughout our community this summer. Come join us, won’t you? Please keep us in your prayers.  We are excited about the months ahead.


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