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Key Ministry Results from 2003

After School Programs

Forty nine different sites with a total attendance for the year of 21,283 students.

Basketball Teams

During the spring, more than sixty different teams played in Mission Arlington’s basketball leagues. 418 different children and teenagers were involved.


1,328 children and teenagers attended one of Mission Arlington’s eight Summer camps held at various locations around the DFW Metroplex.


Mission Arlington/Mission Metroplex has started through the years and is now sustaining 254 different Bible studies and congregations. These congregations are of various sizes and shapes, meet throughout the DFW area, and average about 4,000 people each week.

Conversational English

34 classes met weekly at 21 different locations.  The average weekly attendance was 135.


Families find help for Christmas in a variety of ways.  939 people, representing 175 families were adopted.  1,359 children were given gifts through our “Angel Tree” program.   52 homebound families had Christmas gifts delivered to their home.  19,317 children, teenagers, and adults received Christmas gifts through the annual Christmas Store.  All together, 21,667 people received Christmas love in some way during the Christmas season through Mission Arlington/Mission Metroplex

Decisions for Christ

Physical gifts to families in need are vital to what we do.  But we believe that the greatest gift Mission Arlington/Mission Metroplex has to offer isn’t physical, but spiritual.  In 2003, 1,229 people made public professions committing to spiritual conversion and growth in their lives.

Dental Clinic

The Allan Saxe Dental Clinic sees new patients each week.  Once you are admitted as a new patient, then appointments are made for return visits, similar in function to a private practice.  This last year, the clinic treated 1,456 different patients for a total of 4,603 visits.

Easter Egg Hunt

On the Saturday before Easter each year, children from across our community gather together for what is affectionately called “the world’s largest Easter Egg Hunt.”  3,200 children attended the event this last year.

Easter Store

We have a Christmas store, so why not a store for the Easter season?  In 2003, 1,646 people received Easter baskets, clothing, and other Easter items through the store.

The Front Room

The front room of Mission Arlington is the place where we first meet people coming to request emergency assistance.  A counselor meets with each person needing help.  This past year 61,943 families received help through the front room.  The total number of people represented by these families is 237, 918.

Unduplicated, 12,953 families were helped.  This represents 45,882 adults and 40,146 children, for a total of 86,028 people.


Groups form a vital part of the work of Mission Arlington/Mission Metroplex.  This past year 879 groups from 23 different states, and 6 foreign countries came to spend up to a week or more immersed in and supportive of the work here.  Altogether 27,939 people came to Arlington to work and make a difference.

Job Assistance

720 people different people received job counseling.

Medical Clinic

Between 30 and 45 people each day, four days a week, receive treatment from our Dr. Bob Mann Medical Clinic.  This past year a total of 5,299 people received help here.

Medical Equipment

192 people were assisted with 230 pieces of medical equipment.

Pickups and Deliveries

Last year we made 33,157 trips to pick up household items and furniture from homes in our community.  Many of those items remain at the mission for people to pick up from the main offices as they are needed.  At the same time, we also delivered furniture and appliances to the homes of people in need 11,279 times last year.  The total number of miles traveled by all of our vehicles for the year was 402,336.

Rainbow Express

Rainbow Express is the Mission Arlington/Mission Metroplex version of a backyard Bible club (Bible stories, refreshments, music, and activities) held from early Spring to late Summer of each year.  Last year 12,096 different children attended 309 events in 8 different cities across the DFW metroplex.  The total attendance for Rainbow Express  was 26,078.


Old fashioned tent revivals happen each Summer.  This last year we held 11 revivals in 3 different languages at 8 different locations around our community.  These revivals support the ongoing work of the weekly Bible studies and congregations of the mission.

School Supplies

This last summer, 7,200 children received the school supplies they needed to start the new school year.

Summer Missionaries

The work of Mission Arlington/Mission Metroplex multiplies significantly during the summer season.  Summer missionaries are young men and women who work here full time with us to help us in all we do.  This last year, 31 young people from 9 different states came to Arlington to help us accomplish the work here.


Thanksgiving is such an important time for families to be together.  This last year 53 families (250 people) were adopted; 1,471 families (6,992 people) received a turkey and a basket of food with all the trimmings; 328 families (1,429 people) received a hot meal; and 1,290 people came to eat at the community dinner.  Altogether 10,832 people received help for Thanksgiving.  2,500 volunteers from the community came to help make that possible.


Mission Arlington/Mission Metroplex provides transportation to people in a variety of situations.  Last year, the mission transported 1,490 people making a total of 25,935 trips.

Total Ministry Touches

When you add it all up, the number of ministry touches by Mission Arlington/Mission Metroplex is about 12,653 touches per week.


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