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Key Ministry Results From 2005

After School Programs

1,800 different students attended 49 different weekly after school programs during 2005. Attendance topped 44,930 for the year.

Basketball Leagues

650 students played on 87 different basketball teams at a league sponsored by Mission Arlington in the Spring.

Bible Olympics

Olympic venues help children learn the Bible. Creative competitions, food, and a lot of fun formed the foundation for the day. 202 people attended this one day event.

Bible Studies and Congregations

Mission Arlington hosts 264 different congregations in Arlington, Grand Prairie, and beyond. 3,900 people attended each week for a total attendance of 202,800 people.


22,694 people received Christmas help this year through Mission Arlington’s Christmas Store and Adopt a Family ministries. Each family received multiple gifts. 595 people made spiritual decisions for Christ.


Mission Arlington’s Dental Clinic was open 171 days, receiving 2726 visits from 1111 patients. 509 patients were new. The clinic averaged 16 patients per day.

Easter Egg Hunt

2,000 children and adults attended Mission Arlington’s annual “World’s Largest Easter Egg Hunt.” Another 400 children attended individual egg hunts in Mission Arlington Bible studies and congregations. Altogether, 2,400 attended an egg hunt. Each one heard the biblical story of Christ’s resurrection.

Easter Store

1,736 people, representing 470 families came to Mission Arlington’s Easter Store, March 23rd and 24th, 2005. Fifty-four people made spiritual decisions. Of these, eight accepted Christ.

Emergency Assistance

Through the course of the year, Mission Arlington averaged 169 families coming in for help each day – six days a week.  This totals 52,897 families who received help for the year.  The total number of people receiving help was 211, 896.

Fall Festivals

More than 2,000 children, with their families or their Bible study leaders, attended one of Mission Arlington’s Fall Festivals on the weekend before Halloween, 2005.

Medical Clinic

2,753 patients came 5,385 times to receive medical care through the Mission.


1,064 groups, representing 31,675 people, came to work at Mission Arlington in 2005. Groups came to Arlington from 25 states across North America and 127 different cities in Texas.  3 different groups came from Ireland, Russia, and Poland.

Mission Teams

295 different groups of people came to Arlington to help with Rainbow Express. These mission teams came from 18 different states. Altogether, the Lord sent 5,851 people to help Mission Arlington host Rainbow Express.

Rainbow Express

Mission Arlington hosted 368 different Rainbow Express events. for the year. 12,419 different children attended a Rainbow Express experience this year. Attendance topped 25,000 people. 898 people made decisions for Christ.

School Supplies

9,250 Arlington Independent School district students, from Kindergarten through Seniors in high school, received supplies to start the school year.

Summer Camps

Mission Arlington hosted 7different summer camps. 1,265 children and youth attended.

Summer Lunches

In partnership with the Arlington Independent School District, Mission Arlington fed 7,000 students during the Summer of 2005.

Summer Missionaries

35 young men and women served full time with Mission Arlington during the Summer of 2005. These young people came from Texas and 14 other states across North America.

Tent Revivals

Mission Arlington hosted 10 different revivals in three different languages. 75 people accepted Christ.


11,534 people were helped with a meal at Thanksgiving.


1,487 different people were transported to work, school, or the doctor in 2005. Each person rode with Mission Arlington on average about 4 times totaling 6,355 people. More than 27,375 trips were made to care for each person.

Volunteers (Community Service)

5,956 different volunteers worked with Mission Arlington for a total of 157,882 hours.

Youth Rally

108 students attended this summer ending rally led by Mission Arlington.


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