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Ministry Results 2004

After School

1,500 students attended Mission Arlington’s after-school program in 53 different locations. More than 1,000 attended each week, and attendance reached 43,612 students for the year.


600 students played on 84 different basketball teams at a league sponsored by Mission Arlington in the Spring.

Bible Olympics

Creative games, scripture memory, and so much more help children learn the Bible. 201 children attended this one day event.

Bible Studies and Congregations

Mission Arlington hosts 257 different Bible studies and congregations in Arlington, Grand Prairie, and beyond. On average, 3,700 people attended each week. Total attendance reached 192,400 for the year.


Mission Arlington hosted 7 different children’s and youth camps this past summer.  Collectively, 1,251 students attended these camps.


21,821 people were able to have Christmas this year due to Mission Arlington’s Christmas Store and Adopt a Family ministries. Each child received multiple gifts.


2,543 patients were helped a total of 3,007 times.

Easter Egg Hunt

3,000 children hunted for Easter Eggs on the Saturday before Easter. Several made decisions to accept Christ.

Easter Store

1,360 people attended Mission Arlington’s Easter store. 39 people made spiritual decisions.

Emergency Assistance

192,959 different people, representing 55,497 families, received help in 2004. Overall, assistance was given to help someone in need a total of 224,430 times.

Fall Family Festivals

Mission Arlington hosted eight different festivals in October of 2004. 2,000 children attended these festivals.


5,989 people received furniture and/or appliances in 2004.


975 different groups, representing 29,000 people, came from across North America to work at Mission Arlington in 2004.


2,238 patients came 5,385 times to receive medical care at the Mission.

Rainbow Express

12,761 different children and teenagers attended one of 306 Rainbow Express events. Total attendance for the season reached 25,848.

School Supplies

7,000 students received the school supplies needed to start school in the Fall.


8 teams and over 300 different students played in Mission Arlington’s soccer leagues. Attendance totals reached 600 people.

Summer Missionaries

33 young men and women served as Summer Missionaries during the Summer of 2004.

Tent Revivals

1,500 people attended ten different revivals, held under tents in 3 cities. 64 people made spiritual decisions.


1,500 volunteers helped deliver Thanksgiving meals to 10, 294 people.


2,558 people were transported by Mission Arlington to school, work, health care services and home. People were transported to various locations 25,460 times.

Volunteers (recorded)

5,477 volunteers donated 153,692 hours to Mission Arlington in 2004.

311,785 People

Total number (unduplicated) touched by Ministry in 2004

610,268 People

Total number of people (duplicated) touched by Ministry in 2004


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