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Young people giving back

Northside-2For almost a year, a group of teenagers from the north side of Arlington have been leading an apartment Bible Study in east Fort Worth. They travel there weekly so that more people have an opportunity to hear about Christ.

Since they already give up their Saturdays, it might be hard to believe that they would also give up a whole week of their summer vacation to work in the heat and play with children, but that’s just what they did.

The teens, plus a few of their friends, did a mission trip in July. They didn’t go too far, since most of them grew up in Arlington attending Mission Arlington activities®, but their impact was tremendous. Altogether, eleven teenagers immersed themselves in the mission experience. They stayed in a donated space, using sleeping bags on the floor. They ate together for every meal and spent hours training and practicing the songs, stories and puppet shows for Rainbow Express.

NorthsideMariescha, one of their adult leaders, says, “I’ve known most of these kids for years, and it’s special to see them growing in the Lord and telling other people about his great love.”

Their lives are a witness to the people they are serving, but also to their peers and families. When a parent sees that their teenager is willing to sacrifice comfort and time to help others, it speaks louder than words ever could.

Please pray for these teens as they start back to school that they will continue to be a light in their homes and community.


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