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30th Anniversary Video (2016)
Mission Arlington® turned 30 August 1st, 2016. We’ve created this  2.5 minute “thank you” video to express our gratitude for each of you who have walked with us through the years. We are grateful for your support (Download video here – 85MB).

An Introduction and Overview of Mission Arlington®  (2016)
This video is an overview of Mission Arlington® and its beginnings, as shared by our Executive Director Tillie Burgin. This video was produced by the City of Arlington as one in a series of the American Dream Stories about Arlington, TX. 

AFD Christens Emergency Rescue Boat named after Tillie Burgin (2015)
The Arlington Fire Department christened a new rescue boat on Friday, September 11th, 2015 in honor of Tillie Burgin, director of Mission Arlington® in honor of the Mission Arlington family and all who volunteer and serve there. Watch Tillie christen the vessel using a big bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper here:

Mission Arlington® turns 25: (2012)
This video was produced for the occasion of Mission Arlington® ‘s 25th anniversary by a graduate student at the UTA. The numbers are a bit out of date of course, but the overview is still strong. For current annual reports, click here.

Tillie’s Testimony: “Faith in the Future Video” (2001)
Tillie Burgin was among several individuals invited to Duke University in March 2001 to speak at a conference on Religion, Aging and Healthcare in the 21st Century. The conference was hosted by the CounterBalance Foundation.  The video gives you a strong view of the heart of Mission Arlington® as shared by Tillie herself.

Mission Arlington® Classic Video (1996).
This video, though produced in 1996, still communicates the heart of Mission Arlington® as it was in 1996.

For more videos related to Mission Arlington®, produced by a variety of sources, check out this link on Vimeo.


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