Mission Arlington | Mission Metroplex

Core Values

Taking Church to the People

When Mission Arlington® began in August of 1986, the idea was to help people find their way back into church. We subsequently discovered that many people felt disconnected from the church in general.

It’s not that churches weren’t friendly or inviting, but that there seemed to be some a barrier in the minds and hearts of people, making it difficult for them to connect. We decided then that if people couldn’t come to the church, for whatever reason, we would take the church to them.

Today people of all ages gather each week to hear the Bible taught in multiple languages in 354 locations in Arlington and the larger Dallas/Fort Worth region. We meet in neighborhood homes, apartment club houses, mobile home parks and in any other location where people can gather together to hear God’s Word.

One Life at a Time

Often ministries begin with the “big picture.” Vision statements, mission statements, long-range goals or specific strategies that take center stage. Although we understand why different organizations take the “top-down” approach, that isn’t how we operate at Mission Arlington®/Mission Metroplex®.

Our approach begins with the conviction that every life is important to God and therefore important to us. Every ministry here begins simply with the needs of each person who comes through our doors. At the same time, our faith is based upon the belief that there is an intimate connection between the spiritual and the physical. It isn’t enough just to point the way to Christ and wish people “all the best.” We must follow the example of Christ and extend a helping hand to each person at his or her point of need.

The Bible studies that we provide for people, and the ministries that exist in and through the mission, work in harmony for a common goal—helping people find a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The star on the top of our main offices reminds us of the star at Bethlehem which provided the wise men and shepherds guidance to the Christ child. In the same way, we want to be the kind of place that helps guide the way to Jesus.

We invite you to pray and work with us towards that end.


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