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Places You Might Meet


In an earlier article we talked about the different kinds of paths which lead to the mission fields.  In this section we will describe the destinations to which these paths may take you.


When you know that the Lord has called you to a place, but no official space is available for you to meet, think about meeting outside.  The public worship and Bible study will attract people who might not have seen you when you were inside.  The commitment to worship without the comforts of covered space demonstrates to people your commitment to God in a tangible way, and it will draw them to you.

It will remind you in a small way what it must have been like to worship God in the first century, when Christians didn’t have the freedom which we now enjoy.  Remember, when you are in this situation, it is important to meet even when the weather isn’t conducive to meeting.  Your faithfulness under God will bear spiritual fruit in time.

Laundry Rooms

Sometimes you can hold your Bible study in a laundry room.  You might be surprised that what seems like distractions to you may in fact turn into spiritual connections and long term relationships.

Club Houses

Many apartment communities and neighborhood associations have club houses which they will make available.  The club house can be a wonderful location for Bible Studies and congregations, because everyone knows where it is.  It is a natural place for people to gather, and since people come there routinely for many purposes, they are less likely to be intimidated to join a Bible study and/or a worship service there.

It will be important to take care of this wonderful space which has been provided for you.  Go the extra mile to keep it not just clean, but spotless.  If you are entrusted with keys and alarm codes, be responsible and careful.  Keep in close contact with those who have allowed you the space and report any problems immediately.


When you begin a ministry, the Lord will often provide you with someone inside of the apartment community or neighborhood who will either join your team or become an active member.  Their home is a natural place to meet.  Bedrooms become Sunday school classrooms, and the living room doubles as a sanctuary.

The home itself can provide an intimate space for worship and fellowship.  It is possible to rotate homes to meet in different places each week, or to stay in one home every week.  Remember to be helpful to the host by offering to help clean before and after the meeting.  Also, rotate refreshment responsibilities among the Bible study group.

An apartment which isn’t being used

Apartment communities from time to time may have an apartment that they will make available to you.  You may need to pay the utilities, and of course, you should keep the place in good working order.  Having our own place on property allows you to establish a sense of permanency.  You will be able to set up classrooms and keep them that way.  You can have fellowships there during the week or any time you would like to get together.


From time to time you will have a variety of options available to you.  Our suggestion is that you stay as close to the people as possible.  For example, if you have to choose between meeting in a nicer facility nearby, but out of the mission field, or a place which is inside of the community, but not as nice, always choose the place which is closest.  You want to limit as many barriers as possible that keep people from naturally flowing into your place for Bible study and worship.


Sometimes we get into our minds that something can’t be done, because we haven’t seen it done before.  We hope that by listing  here the variety of different places where mission ministries happen, you could find support.  Misson Arlington®/Mission Metroplex® has at one time or currently has mission Bible studies and congregations meeting in all of the places mentioned above.


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