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Rainbow Express®

What is it?

Rainbow Express® is Mission Arlingtons version of a “back-yard Bible club.” Crafts, snacks, games, music, and Bible stories form the core structure of this creative and fun work with children and youth.

When does it happen?

Rainbow Express® can happen anytime there is someone ready to lead it. Generally, we kick off the season around Spring Break and finish at the end of each summer. Typically, an event lasts 4-days (Monday through Thursday) for about an hour and a half each morning and afternoon.

What material do you use?

We write the curriculum which you will use for Rainbow Express®. It is published on our website. This material is copyrighted with basic restrictions, but it is also available “free of charge” to support work around the world for others who are leading Rainbow Express®.  Discover our  Rainbow Express®curriculum page here.

Once you’ve landed on the page, scroll through the material, then select the lessons which will work best with your team and in your setting. In addition to the teaching material, there are also a few tips about how to put everything together along with copies of the songs, crafts, and games which are an important part of the experience.

Do you provide accommodations?

Mission Arlington® does provide accommodations in order to support you as you minister with us. These are clean, safe places where everyone sleeps on the floor. Your team will have restrooms, showers, and a small kitchen. The kitchen typically includes a stove, refrigerator, and microwave.

These accommodations are provided “free of charge.” If you are staying with us for multiple days to do work projects or Rainbow Express®, please talk with one of our group coordinators to get your stay with us established.

Thankful for you!

We are grateful for the privilege we have of serving the Lord alongside each of you in this place.


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