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Leading Music

“I will sing to You, Lord!  I will celebrate . . .“  Psalms 101:1

The music at Mission Arlington® has as many faces as there are sites.  Each has a persona of its own from a straight a cappella song to “motion songs” for the group.  Some local churches have bands, and others have plastic bottles for rhythm instruments.  Anywhere you go, though, music is a great “to-gathering” aspect of the worship.  To get people’s attention when you meet outside on a picnic bench and moving into a focus on God Himself, music can be that vehicle that can bring about worship  –  a time of meeting with the creator of all time and space.

Scripture songs especially help us all to learn God’s word and be able to keep it (hide it) in our hearts.  The songs are the kind that after the service, will still be sung or at least hummed as the church is then dispersed throughout the community.  If we can be reminded of a word from God learned in a song, or if the words remind us of the lesson that week, then God can refresh our spirits wherever we go.  God’s people can then be infectious to a world around us that so desperately needs to know Christ.

“Worship” is caught, not taught.  You cannot lead where you have not been.  The music used comes from our hearts and expresses what we want to say to God and our community.  Hymns, choruses, and contemporary music are all incorporated together to minister to the entire “body” of Christ.  Singing a “new” song may mean something off someone’s newest CD or learning something fresh from an old hymnal that has moved us into a closer sense of God’s presence or purpose.

The music should be reflective of not just the leadership but the residents.  Just like teaching the Word of God, if the song doesn’t move the people, then we are as a “clanging symbol” because we have chosen our own pursuits and not sensitively listened to our people.  We have not met them where they are.  And this is the purpose of the Mission:  to take church to the people.  We want to lead individuals to Christ so they can infect their world around them to the glory of God!


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