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Household Donations

When and where can I drop-off my donations?
  1. Monday through Saturday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm;
  2. Where? Drive your donations to the back of our downtown offices where friendly volunteers will help guide you to right spot to drop off your donations.

What does Mission Arlington® accept?

This is a common question, and it is a good one.  Essentially, our rule of thumb is guided by the question “Can my donation be given to someone else?”  Think of someone who is important to you and ask yourself, “Is this something that would bless them?” If you aren’t sure, give us a call at 817-277-6620, or bring it anyway. We’ll work with you.

Key Principles
  1. We do not charge for any service we provide.
  2. We do not sell your donations.
  3. What you give, we give away, to help families in need.

What kinds of items might be helpful?

We are often asked by donors what would be most useful, so we provide these suggestions below as a place to begin. The list is not intended to be exhaustive, but a general guideline to the kind of gifts we receive through the year.

  • Christmas Gifts: We collect new and/or nearly new toys, bikes, ornaments, artificial trees, wrapping paper, tape, and so much more, all-year round.  For a more complete list of suggestions as to what you might donate, click here.  Thank you.
  • Clothing: The clothing you donate helps children feel more like other children at school, allows adults to dress appropriately at job interviews and provides warmth to all in the winter with coats. We sort the clothes by seasons and make them available to families of all shapes and sizes, free of charge. Children’s Clothes (including diapers) are especially needed year-round.
  • Dental and Medical Supplies: From toothbrushes to dental chairs, from aspirin to antibiotics, all of it goes to help our volunteer dentists and doctors serve families in need. Wheelchairs, Walkers, Rollators (walkers with seat and hand brakes), bedside commodes, shower chairs, canes, crutches, etc. make a difference.
  • Food: From thanksgiving turkeys to breakfast cereals, canned & dry goods, or garden-fresh fruits and vegetables. From special events to our daily bread, it all helps to prevent hunger in our community. You can learn more when you click this link
  • Furniture and Appliances:  Couches, mattresses, end tables, dressers, refrigerators, tables & chairs, desks, washers & dryers can all make an immediate, positive impact. If you have items you would like to donate, but don’t have a way to get them to us, learn how to schedule a pickup
  • Household Items: Blenders, vacuum cleaners, computers, books, silverware, dishes, cups, glasses, saucers and more may just be extra accessories in your home, but they can be a necessity in the homes of families trying to get by. For a more complete listing of the kinds of things we give away, click here
  • School Supplies: Starting school with the basic essentials such as paper, pencils, rulers, folders, glue and more is important to the success of students. To help the youth of our community receive a head start, you can drop off needed supplies any time throughout the year. In 2018, as we have for the last several years, because of your generosity, we were able to provide school supplies to more than 10,000 students.
  • Toiletries: Soap, Shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet paper, washcloths, towels, deodorant, etc.

You can donate to specific categories online

You can target your gifts specifically to a variety of areas: school supplies, food, medical and dental clinics, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more.  We will take your gift and apply it directly to the specific ministry you choose, so that it gets to people in need. Check it out here.

Your gifts bring hope

It is amazing to discover that a donation of school clothes for a child, or a couch for a family, might not just provide physical support, but genuine encouragement and real hope, a kind of light at the end of someone’s tunnel. We want you to know how grateful we are for your constant encouragement of us when you drop by with your gifts.  We also want you to know that your gifts are making a difference. Come see us soon! Thank you.


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