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From time to time people ask us to share “just exactly” how we do what we do. The truth is that what we do and/or how we do it just “sort of” happens one day and one life at a time.  We are ordinary people on a journey, a people who are being loved and changed by an extraordinary God.  We want each one who crosses our path to know the God we love and serve. Really, there isn’t much more to say. For several reasons we have been hesitant to write “how-to” guides for this kind of work:

First, we want to be careful to give God the glory for what happens here.  More often than not, He has accomplished His work here in spite of our best efforts and not because of them.

Second, We believe that the best “how-to” guide has already been written.  When people ask us for detailed plans we often point them to the Bible, specifically the New Testament book of Acts.

Third, we believe that a missions ministry like this is more about a passion for God and sacrificial obedience to His call than it is about specific methodologies, strategic goals, and long range plans. It seems to us that the modern church is already too burdened with the corporate culture of our day, at times leading to efficiency without much effectiveness.

Finally, though our approach is intentional and working well for our context, it doesn’t necessarily follow that what works here will be what God is doing “where you are.”  A connection with His heart and a passion for His plan will accomplish more than attempts to recreate or imitate the way God has worked in other places.

We do believe that the Lord is up to something big. Many different friends and partners across denominational lines and around the nation are hearing God’s call and responding with enthusiasm and strength. Denominational entities are seeing the fields and mobilizing their organizations to impact the kingdom. Others are quietly at work, faithful in the fields, needing no recognition or applause from men. We respect and honor the approaches of each individual and every team called by God into the mission fields.

Having said this, we recognize that some times it is an encouragement to see how the Lord is working in a particular context. If the mission efforts in Arlington, Texas and beyond can be supportive to other mission efforts across the nation and around the world, then it is our privilege to share our journey with you.

Hopefully, the following observations will have value for you in your place of service.


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