Mission Arlington | Mission Metroplex


If people aren’t going to come into our churches, for whatever reason, then we must take church to the people.

An Urgent Mission

There is an urgency to the task at hand. The truth is that people need the Lord and His love in their lives. They need Him today—right now! We simply can’t afford to wait in hopes that somehow, some day, people will push through existing or perceived barriers in order to get to us.

We shouldn’t sit quietly at home, hoping and praying that someone else will respond to God’s missionary call.  We don’t need to delay until we are “fully trained” before we respond faithfully to the call of God.

Resources for the Work

When Mission Arlington® began many years ago, there weren’t many resources and/or tools available to support the work.  Through the years, we’ve been able to develop supportive material which has helped us in our own journey.

We offer this to you, free of charge, because our heart and hope is that these resources can be supportive to you as you take the Gospel into the mission fields. Please use these materials as you find them helpful, then let others know about them too.

Cheering You On!

Through the years, there have been many individuals, families, and groups of people who have stood by us, through “thick and thin.”  The encouragement of these friends has made a difference here.

In that spirit then, our desire is to be an encouragement to you.  This work is difficult enough. Please know that we want to pray for you and to stand with you wherever possible. You don’t have to “go it alone.”

If we can help, don’t hesitate to write or to give us a call.  Blessings to you in your journey!


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