Mission Arlington | Mission Metroplex

Volunteer Connections


Volunteer Hours: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday. You don’t need an appointment in advance. Come on in, and we’ll get you to work.

 Volunteer Opportunities Person  to call Phone number
* Mission Trips Heather or Jim 817-277-6620
* Group/Team Opportunities Heather or Jim 817-277-6620
* Individuals/Families Jim 817-277-6620
* Summer/Semester Missionaries Heather 817-704-6143
* Community Service Regina 817-704-6177
* Service-Learning Regina 817-704-6177
* Medical Clinic Andrea, FNP 817-277-9597
* Dental Clinic Jean 817-277-6620, ext. 3010

If you know that you want to serve, but don’t know exactly where, call Jim, one of our volunteer coordinators, at 817-277-6620. If you want to bring a group, call our main number at 817-277-6620. Ask for a “group coordinator,” and we’ll get you connected.


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