Mission Arlington | Mission Metroplex

Volunteer Connections


Volunteer Hours: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and certain hours on Sunday. You don’t need an appointment in advance. Come on in  and we’ll get you to work.

 Volunteer Opportunities Person  to call Phone number
* Mission Trips Heather or Jim 817-277-6620
* Group/Team Opportunities Heather or Jim 817-277-6620
* Individuals/Families Jim 817-277-6620
* Summer/Semester Missionaries Heather 817-704-6143
* Community Service Mandy or Regina 817-704-6177
* Service Learning Mandy or Regina 817-704-6177
* Medical Clinic Andrea, FNP 817-277-9597
* Dental Clinic Jean 817-277-6620, ext. 3010

If you know that you want to serve, but don’t know exactly where, call Jim, one of our volunteer coordinators, at 817-277-6620. If you want to bring a group, call our main number at 817-277-6620. Ask for a “group coordinator,” and we’ll get you connected.


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