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Services for Children and Youth

A Note from Tillie Burgin, Executive Director

When I see a little boy or girl walking out the door hugging a bag of food, I thank God for you!  When I hear the squeal of a mom, because we’ve told her that because of generous donors we can help pay her electric bill or put some money toward her rent, I thank God for you!  When I see a family sitting in our front room, because dad has lost his job, and the volunteer says “Yes, we can help you with whatever you need — and also help you find a job,” my heart just fills with love and gratitude for you.


Everything we do here at Mission Arlington® affects the children and youth in our community.  Whether it is providing emergency assistance to their family, helping their parents with food and clothing for each of them, prayers from those in our front room, to one of our sports venues, Rainbow Express, Health clinics, holiday care, after school programs or weekly bible studies, children and youth are reached every single day.

Specific Ministries impacting Children & Youth

The list of services provided below is a representative sample of the ministries we provide for children on a daily basis – and all year long. These programs allow us to stay connected with children and youth regularly.  We are grateful for your support!

After School Programs – In 2023, 3,252 different children attended our after-school programs in 30 locations over 26 weeks, about 1,626 students each week.  Attendance at these afterschool programs topped forty-two thousand (42,276) last year. For more information, link here;

Bible Studies & Congregations – Mission Arlington® hosts Bible studies & congregations in 360 locations. Children & youth not only learn God’s Word in these places, but also have Bible study teachers & leaders who love, teach, and mentor them in multiple ways. For more information, link here;

Carnivals – special and fun events for children with food, bouncy houses, sno-cones, etc. These free events are held in apartment communities and various neighborhood events. 1,000 children attended a carnival in 2023, held in 20 different locations.

Educational Scholarships – Mission Arlington® has limited funds designated to assist students who attend our Bible studies & congregations to attend institutions of higher learning.

Emergency Assistance – Over fifty-six thousand families (56,584) received emergency assistance in 2023, representing 195,972 people. Food, clothes, furniture, and emergency financial assistance for rent and/or utilities directly impacts the children and youth in those homes.  For more information link here;

Health Care – Our Dental Clinic treated 1,407 people last year, for a total of 3,474 patient visits. Our Medical Clinic had 12,601 office visits in 2023, representing 4,243 people.  A percentage of those treated were children & youth, but even when adults are receiving treatment, it helps them to keep their jobs, so that the young people in the homes receive indirect support from this care. For more information, link here;

Holidays – Nearly 31 thousand people (30,752) received support through our free Christmas Store last year, including 4,000 who received bikes; 28,099 people received Thanksgiving food in 2023. Children made up a big percentage of those who received food; 1,155 children (with their families) attended our Fall Festival in 2023. For more information, link here;

Rainbow Express® – backyard Bible clubs which incorporates music, crafts, food, games, and Bible study in a four-day, outdoor experience designed to be fun and to connect children with the Lord. Last year 17,846 children & youth attended a Rainbow Express® event in one of 292 locations. For more information, link here;

School Supplies – 9,000+ children received the school supplies they needed to start the school year right in the fall of 2020. For more information, link here;

Sports Ministries – Whether it is wrestling, baseball, basketball, or volleyball, our sports ministries teach children the value of exercise, team work, and it provides skill sets within the context of a particular sport. Hundreds of children & youth participated in our gym nights, baseball, wrestling, and basketball leagues. For more information, link here;

Summer Camps – 1,025 children and youth attended 6 free summer camps last year. For more information, link here;

Conclusion – Our Gratitude for You

Jesus encouraged his disciples to let the little children come to [him], and told them specifically not to “hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these” (Matthew 19:14).  The work we do with children & youth directly connects to our sense of Christ’s command for us to do just that. Children are important to our Lord, and therefore they are important to us.

When you support the work of Mission Arlington®, it will always affect positively the life of a child.  We can be here with them, because you stand so faithfully with us. Thank you so much for the gift of your encouragement, prayer, and support. We are grateful for you!


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