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Mission Arlington’s front door – at 210 W. South St. Come see us when you can!

We know that there are “different strokes for different folks,” and that people connect to an organization like ours in a variety of ways. In this section, we hope to illustrate various avenues for you to keep informed about the work and ministry of Mission Arlington®.

Through Social Media


Instagram: You can find us on Instagram as “Mission Arlington.”  Find us at various hashtags, such as #missionarlington, #missionmetroplex; #machristmas; #magivesthanks, etc.

facebook-jpgFACEBOOK – While our website gives great information with a picture or two, our Facebook site communicates primarily with pictures. This is a great place to see ministry results in pictures, and to keep up with the day-to-day happenings of the work here.

Through our Website
  • Mission Arlington News – Located on the home page, this space typically promotes upcoming events seasonally or reports the results of ministry activities as they occur;
  • Year at a Glance – If you are interested in the “long look” you can review our annual calendar published each January. This will help you for planning purposes if there is an event you want to support sometime during the year. Changes in this calendar do occur from time to time.  When those changes occur, we will update the calendar and inform you through one of our other venues; 
  • News through the Years– Through the years, various newspapers and other news media outlets have reported on the ministry. This is a good resource for someone looking back to recall a particular event, and also for students doing class research.

Through our Newsletter
  • Current Newsletter – Mission Arlington® publishes a 1-page, double-sided newsletter six times a year. These are full-color information pieces – sharing ministry results & upcoming events.; 
  • Newsletter Archive– You can access archived newsletters online as far back as 2004;
  • Signup/Subscriptions – to subscribe to our newsletter either by e-mail or snail mail, see the section directly below.

Through Free Subscriptions
  • Newsletter by Snail Mail – To receive a hard copy of our newsletter in your mail box at home or work, please follow these instructions.
    1. Click the link above  to access our website’s feedback feature..
    2. In the drop-down box underneath “Subject,”  select “I want to receive the newsletter.”
    3. Enter your name and email address in the appropriate spaces.
    4. In the last block, titled “Feedback,” enter your preferred name or names, and the address.
    5. When the next newsletter is published, you will receive a hard copy in the mail. Mission Arlington® does not share, nor do we sell your information. Please read our privacy policy to learn more about our commitment to the protection of your information.
  • Newsletter by E-mail  – To receive an e-mailed copy of the newsletter to your home or work, please follow the instructions below.
    • Follow the same process described above to request a pdf version of the newsletter.
    • Instead of placing your name and address in the “Feedback” portion of the form, simply tell us that you would like to receive an e-mailed copy of the newsletter.


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