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The heart of this place: Summary and Overview

Mission Arlington® has been in operation for 30 years, earning public trust, and caring for real people in need one day at a time. We work diligently to be both transparent and accountable. Tillie Burgin has led this work since its beginning, and she still serves here every day.

We love what we get to do here every day. Every service provided through Mission Arlington® / Mission Metroplex® is free. We don’t sell what you provide – when you give it, we give it away. We pray daily and trust the Lord to lead and provide for this work, and we are always grateful for you.

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  1. Our Philosophy – our core convictions and approach to ministry;
  2. Administration – mission statement, our team, transparency, accountability, and more;
  3. Scheduling Pickups: what we pickup and when, and other helpful information;
  4. Grocery Store Programs: your every-day purchases resources Mission Arlington®;
  5. Automobile Donations: your old car, running or not, can make a difference;
  6. Financial Support: practical ways you can support the ministry financially;
  7. Food Donations: from daily bread to Thanksgiving blessings, you can help;
  8. Household and Other: clothing, school supplies, furniture, appliances, christmas toys;
  9. Support for the future: help Mission Arlington provide for long-term needs and goals.
 We thank God for you every day

The Mission family remembers every day that we can be here, and the people can be cared for, because you give of your time, your resources, and your prayers for us.  We live and work in a generous, loving community, and we are always grateful for you. We do thank God for you in our prayers every day, and we ask him to bless and keep you in every way.  Please contact us at 817-277-6620 if we can be supportive to your efforts to support the work here.


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