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Hunter's Field dedication-May 7th, 2016 (Jason) (74)

Jesus’ – a Bible study leader with Mission Arlington – relaying a few “tricks of the trade” about getting a hit.

Sports is an important way that Mission Arlington® provides care for children and youth throughout the year:

  • Sports facilitates healthy exercise in creative and fun ways;
  • Sports also teaches young people to work well on teams;
  • Sports ministry here means that coaches become mentors, teaching not just the game, but life-skills too;
  •  Bible study and prayer are always a part of each practice and game.

Currently, we work with three different sports:


Baseball camps and baseball leagues happen in the Spring and in the Fall through Mission Arlington®.  Children and youth learn to throw, catch, field, and to hit the ball. They also learn how to run the bases, and to compete in healthy ways while playing ball. The baseball leagues take place on Hunter’s Field, behind Parkview Fellowship on North Fielder Rd. in Arlington.

(7) children's-basketball-Feb2016-1Basketball: 

Twice a month throughout the year, we host “gym nights,” for children and/or for youth. These are free nights in a Mission Arlington® gym where the young people can play basketball, enjoy card games, and listen to a devotional from the Bible designed just for them. These monthly events happen on Friday nights, and typically last for a couple of hours.

On Saturday mornings in February and March, the mission hosts free basketball leagues. Mission Arlington® Bible study leaders pick up the young people from their home and transport them to a gym in central Arlington where each Bible study group plays against other Bible study groups. The exercise is great, and the team building opportunities are strong. Each week, the students here a lesson from God’s word, and have the opportunity to share with the coaches and Bible study leaders, along with a time to pray together.

Wrestling 2016 -Trip 2 - Feb 6, 2016 (8)aWrestling:

The wrestling season at Mission Arlington® happens every Fall and Winter. Practice are on Tuesday and Thursday evenings in a gym near central Arlington.

Students learn what it takes to wrestle competitively, and then the team competes in a league with other teams from around the state. The students work hard, of course, but they have fun, and they learn from volunteer coaches who know the sport, but who also know the Lord. Bible study and prayer times are a part of each practice.

All of Mission Arlington’s sports venues are provided free of charge. The typical attenders are those children and youth who actively participate in our weekly Bible studies.

To learn more about sports ministry here – if you would like to volunteer to assist, or if you are interested in knowing more about the sport itself, give us a call at 817-277-6620.


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