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Playing ball on Hunter’s Field!

hunter-field-baseball 45Mission Arlington® dedicated a newly-built baseball field to the Lord this past Saturday. More than a hundred (101) elementary-aged children, belonging to Mission Arlington® Bible studies and congregations, put the field to good use immediately afterwards.

A baseball camp, organized by Jim Reeder and Jerry McCullough, and led by multiple volunteers from across the community, demonstrated for these children the basic techniques of baseball – catching, hitting, fielding, and running the bases.  Tillie Burgin threw out the first ball.

hunter-field-baseball 79aLaughter and fun were evident everywhere, as the kids played ball, and more than a few exclamations of happiness came from the watching adults as they saw how much fun these young people were having.  These Spring, Saturday baseball camps will last through May.

This field, located on North Fielder Road behind the Parkview Fellowship facility, was dedicated to Jonathan Hunter Irwin, a young man who grew up in Arlington and who attended Grace Street fellowship, a Mission Arlington® congregation. Mike Irwin, Hunter’s Father, was prompted by the Lord to build this field for the glory of God in honor of his son, and found the support of so many people and teams who put this field together.  The Mission Arlington / Mission Metroplex®  family expresses our gratitude to the Irwins,  and to each and everyone who contributed to make this “field of dreams” a beautiful reality.  We are grateful to God and for you.

hunter-field-baseball 72As the children finished for the day, the coaches walked them by the memorial to Hunter, built in love, which dedicates this field to “all of God’s children and to all those who seek our Father now and in the Future.” One by one the children placed their hand on the plaque and quietly, but sincerely expressed their sincere thanks to Hunter and to God.  People standing close by listened to the stream of children, saying “Thank you Hunter. Thank you, God.”  It was beautiful to see and to hear. May God’s love flow from here through the generations.

We thank the Lord for the constant support of this community. Because of your loving, generous support, we can provide sports venues, such as basketball, wrestling, and baseball for the children of our community. We thank God for you.


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