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Annual Reports

Summer Missionary Robin is pictured here with two children from here ministry. 37 students served with Mission Arlington this summer.

Former Summer Missionary Robin with two children from her apartment ministry.

We value accountability and transparency.  On this page, you will see the tangible results of our work through the years.  Thank You! Click on these links to learn more about our guiding principles and approach to administration.

Our Mission Statement

Mission Arlington®/Mission Metroplex® is a faith-based organization which utilizes hundreds of volunteers and a multitude of services to assist people with their physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Leadership, Accountability, and Transparency
Tillie (for MAWEB)

Tillie Burgin, our Executive Director, has provided leadership, under God, from the beginning – since August 1st of 1986. Mission Arlington®/Mission Metroplex® is also led, supported, and prayed for by an independent team of people who meet monthly to hear reports, evaluate the ministry, and to pray for God’s work here. The finances of the mission are reviewed monthly by our board, and submitted annually to an independent, well-respected, local team of auditors who review the financials and report back to the Board.

Mission Arlington®/Mission Metroplex® is a member in good standing with the following accountability associations or charity watchdogs:

  1. Charity Navigator  – North America’s largest Charity Watchdog
    1. Four-Star Rating (This is their highest rating);
    2. Read the report here.
    3. Top one (1) percent of the charities they rate nationwide.
  2. ECFA – (member since 1999) – enhances trust in leading Christian non-profit organizations that “faithfully demonstrate compliance with established standards for financial accountability, transparency, fundraising, and board governance.”  Read their review here (requires free registration).
  3. Guidestar – We are a Gold-level Guide Star Exchange participant. Retrieve general and financial information about us here, including three years of our Form 990.  Free Registration required to view some information on their review.

Annual Ministry Results Through the Years

The numbers contained within the links below provide a benchmark to measure effectiveness in an ongoing and practical way, but they also represent real people, and at least one way of measuring ministry results.  To review a slideshow OVERVIEW OF 2019, click below:

To review our annual magazine overview of 2022, click HERE!

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2005 Ministry Results 2004 Ministry Results 2003 Ministry Results

Ongoing Efforts at Communication

  1. You can find promotions and published reports on our website.
  2. You can sign up for and receive a newsletter six times a year (about once every other month). Click here to see and/or to retrieve information from our newsletter archives.
  3. Finally, daily events and happenings are published almost daily on the mission‘s Facebook Account. Please “like” our Facebook page to stay connected;
  4. For prior-year reports (annual magazine), click one of the links: | 2020| 2021|
  5. Of course, there is always the “old-fashioned” way of making a call.  We would love to hear from you any time, and to answer any questions you may have.

We appreciate the privilege of serving alongside each of you for more than 3 decades in this community.


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