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Teaching Children

Making the Bible Come Alive: Techniques for Teaching Children

Know the Story

Read your Bible and learn what happens.  Be ready to tell it in your own style with your Bible open.  Do NOT read the lesson from the teacher’s curriculum. As you teach, get them excited about what will happen next.  Help them stay curious!

Look at the Bible characters and the meaning of the story.  What did you find interesting?  Think of a way to help the kids experience the characters.  (Ex:  Bring a measuring tape to measure how big Goliath really was) What did you think was important in the lesson?  How can you help your kids understand it?

How would you like to tell the story?  Sometimes it is fun to tell the story from another character’s point of view, or even an animal’s view. Let the kids be involved.

Use Your Voice

Use your voice to help keep the attention of the children.  Talk softer when you want the kids to really listen and hear what you are saying.  To help dramatize the story, use voice inflexion or even pretend to cry.  Think about the story setting.  How did the places look, smell, sound?  Use these features to help draw the kids into the story.

Know your Group

Be sure you teach the lesson in the appropriate amount of time.  Kids that are actively involved can listen much longer.

Keep eye contact and have fun.  Teaching children is such an honor.  These children are so special to God and to us.  Enjoy your time with them.  Show them that you care and love them.  Be yourself!

Ways to Bring the Bible to Life!

  1. Use Drama
  2. Use a fabric sheet to help tell the lesson
  3. Let the group echo sounds in the story
  4. Use videos occasionally
  5. Take an imaginary journey
  6. Take on the action or occupation of a character


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