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Service Learning

Working with children is an important part of our work on a daily basis.

What is Service Learning?

Students receive course credit for serving with non-profits like ours, helping us, and also receiving real world experience which strengthens and supports their academic journey.

Getting Started
  1. Service learning is possible at Mission Arlington® anytime we are open – generally from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and after 2 p.m. on school days for those under 18.
  2. If you are coming by yourself or with a friend, then you won’t need an appointment. Come on in whenever you are available.
  3. If you are coming with a group of your fellow students, then give us a call ahead of time, so that we will have the best project ready for your team when you arrive.
Various Approaches
  1. Blending in: The most common form of service learning involves joining in with us to “do what we do” on any given day.  You will join us in the administration of clothes, food, household items, and furniture in order to assist those coming for help each day.
  2. Helping us Improve: Often, a group of students will use their classroom experience in a real world setting in order to recommend and/or implement improvements to various ministry processes, from business practices, recommendations for new & improved software to organizational tools for major events.
  3. A few examples: Film students, for example, have created videos; Business students have made suggestions to help us streamline our work in a way that helps us care for more people. One civil engineering student designed and built an efficient space for us which we still use to this day.
The Service Learning Experience

Key clubs, Honor Societies, and various groupings of students in junior high and high school settings bring their teams to serve at Mission Arlington®. Not only do they work hard, and have fun doing it, but they also make a difference while building bonds with their team and representing their schools.

Reporting and Recording
  1. Paperwork: If the educational institution has paperwork they require in order for the student to receive credit, then the student should bring that paperwork with them.  Check in at our Volunteer Office to get started. When you are finished serving, sign out in the same office. We will sign the paperwork you need, so that you can provide documentation of your service to the appropriate team leader at the school or University.  If your school doesn’t provide paperwork, we will provide a way to document your hours with us.
  2. Verification: We will also keep a record of your service date and the length of time served in case verification is needed later.
  3. References: From time to time, students will want to include their service with us on a resume for an employer, or in a portfolio which assists in the process of college & University acceptance.  We are happy to provide documentation of your service time with us in any way that it can be supportive to your journey.
Our Privilege

One of the greatest honors we have each week is to serve with the bright, hard-working, and compassionate students who are earning service-learning credit with us.  They lift the load here, and encourage us along the way. If service learning is a part of something you need in your educational experience, please give us a call.  We look forward to meeting you and serving alongside you to help people in need.  We are grateful for this privilege.


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