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School Supplies

Because of you, Mission Arlington®/Mission Metroplex® helped more than 9,000 students with school supplies in the fall of 2023. We anticipate that the need will be even greater this year (as it always is). We collect school supplies all year long in order to be ready for next fall.  We also know that students need school supplies more than just once a year, so we stay available to provide those supplies as students need them. Here is a partial list of supplies we are currently collecting. We are grateful for your support.

AISD Basic School Supplies 2024

Backpacks 12 count Colored Pencils 24 count Crayons
 8 count Washable Markers  #2 Pencils  Red, Black & Blue Pens
 Highlighters  Pencil Top Erasers  Pink Erasers
 4oz & 8oz Glue  Glue Sticks  3-Ring binders
 Spiral Notebooks  Composition Books (Black Marble)  Folders w/Brads & Pockets (various colors)
 Wide Ruled Notebook Paper  Notebook Dividers  9” x 12” Construction Paper (assorted)
 9” x 12” Manilla Paper  Pencil Bags & Boxes  Scissors
 Rulers  6” Protractors  Dry Erase Markers
 Ziplock Bags (Gallon and Quart)  Paper Towels  Tissue
 Hand Sanitizer

You can make a difference

in the lives of our students by providing basic supplies needed when starting school.

  1. Download and print a copy of the School Supply list and find out other ways to help simply by shopping.
  2. Please drop off supplies to the Mission Arlington offices – we are in the process of getting the supplies ready for the children;
  3. To purchase using our AMAZON WISH LIST, click the LINK.
  4. We could also use help to gather, sort and organize the supplies.  Your help will really make a difference. Stop by to help or call Debbie at 817-704-6141 for more information.



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