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Miscellaneous (Other)

  • Summer Missionaries lead an outdoor Rainbow Express this past June

    Summer Missionaries lead an outdoor Rainbow Express this past June

    Survey – Acts to Revelation (51 lessons)
    A survey of New Testament books from Acts to Revelation, these studies are intended for children already familiar with the four gospels.  Consists of fifty-one lessons.

  • God’s Big Plan (47 lessons)
    Originally published in 2007. Chronological Bible Storying from Genesis to Revelation. This approach focuses on sharing God’s Word through stories that can be remembered and retold by anyone, no matter their level of literacy.  Consists of forty-seven lessons.
  • What We Believe (48 lessons)
    Fundamentals of Faith. Basic information that is essential to understanding one’s relationship with the Lord.  These lessons, have replaced Life of Christ: A Basic Overview.  Consists of forty-eight lessons.
  • You Will Be My Witnesses (47 lessons)
    Forty-seven (47) lessons from the book of Acts originally published for 2009.  So Jesus lived and died – now what?  The work continues.  These lessons are an invitation to get out of the stands and start running the race.
  • Heroes of the Faith (48 lessons)
    When you live a life of faith in Jesus Christ, you don’t have to leap tall buildings to be a hero.  Join us on an adventure to see how ordinary men and women can have super ordinary power! Forty-eight lessons from the Old and New Testaments originally published in 2012.  Each lesson includes student activity pages (Hero in Training) that can be printed as a small booklet. Five Christmas “Hero of the Faith” lessons can be found with the Christmas curriculum.


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