Mission Arlington | Mission Metroplex

Key Identities

An Evangelistic Heart

Our goal is to do whatever it takes to give everyone living and/or working in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex the opportunity to know Jesus Christ personally. We do this by “hanging out” with folks and hovering around the Scripture John 3:16.

A Network of Bible Studies and Churches

In keeping with this understanding, we start and sustain Bible studies and congregations throughout Arlington and the surrounding area. We currently have Bible studies in 354 locations with more than 4,500 people attending each week.

A Community Crossroads

To meet the great variety of needs in our community, we are a close, networked group of individuals, families, civic and governmental organizations, schools, businesses, churches and social agencies working together to make a difference in our community.

A Center for Community Ministry

We realize that authentic faith meant we were going to have to do more than simply tell people about Jesus, but that we would have to care consistently and not merely seasonally or in a “hit and miss” fashion.

The multiple ministries here at the Mission touch the physical needs of people from all walks of life. Through these ministries, genuine relationships develop which become an encouragement to Christians and a path for people to receive the best gift we have to offer—a relationship with Jesus Christ.

A Base for Missionary Training

In 2023, a little more than 26 thousand (26,254) people from across North America participated with us in our ministries. Around 25-30 students serve with us here each summer. Our prayer is that when people serve here, they will find themselves immersed in and affected by the Spirit of missions which permeates this place, then go back home to impact their world.

Currently serving in North America and around the world are over 100 missionaries who once worked in Arlington with us. We write weekly Bible study curriculum for use in our work here but make it freely accessible to any who find it helpful. We also provide resource material as a support to others who serve in their community’s mission fields.


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