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Important Attitudes

The list below isn’t all-inclusive, but it is important.  It represents what we believe are the basic commitments integral to the work and vital to any successful missions endeavor:

A Passion for God

“To love the Lord our God is the heartbeat of our mission.”  This line from Steve Green’s song “The Mission” represents the foundation for what we do.  We love the Lord first, and then allow His love to flow through us to people.  We do what we do, quite simply, because of who He is and what he has done for us.  A love for people in and of itself will ultimately fall short.  A passion for God will keep us connected to His love for people in ways that make a real difference.   His work won’t work any other way.

A Commitment to Prayer

Prayer forms the foundation for all that we do.  The work of Mission Arlington® begins and ends in prayer.  Prayer makes a difference, and its practice undergirds and guides all our work.

A Love for People

A love for God by necessity flows outward to His people.  People need the Lord, and we must be able to see them as God sees them.  Too often we get comfortable within our own context, making us blind to the needs of people all around us.  Or we are tempted to love primarily those who will love us in return.

A Willingness to Risk

Preparation and planning are important, but long range goals and strategic plans often become excuses to avoid what we already know we need to be doing.  Our encouragement for you here is to trust God and move on into the fields.  Start small! Be willing to risk.  Get something started as soon as you can, and watch what God will do.

A Consistent Character

Our commitments need to be trustworthy.  Once a ministry starts, the people depending upon that ministry need to know that we will do what we say we are going to do.  The ministry should be consistent and continue uninterrupted.

A Persevering Spirit

If your ministry goes like you hope it will, then you can count on difficulties along the way.  Every mission ministry will experience trials and tribulations.  Rejoice when they come.  Pray hard, but don’t give up!  Keep connected to the Lord and find other believers who can be supportive prayer partners.  Your ministry will get stronger with each trial as you persevere.

An Accountable Team

The Mission Arlington® family gathers together every week to worship and pray together.  Mission teams come in from the fields to share the successes and struggles of the week with other apartment ministry team members and leaders.  Where there are successes, we rejoice together.  Where there are struggles, we provide support and encouragement. By being open and accountable to each other, we stay connected and strong in the fields.

A Strong Work Ethic

This kind of mission work isn’t easy, and it requires a willingness to work hard.  The work involves a “calling,” which requires a sustained and disciplined commitment over a period of time.  Sometimes the work is physically challenging, and at other times, the work provides challenges emotionally and spiritually.  A willingness to “get involved or to “get your hands dirty” is essential to a successful endeavor.


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