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Office Support

For the more detail-oriented people

Mission Arlington® needs detail-oriented people who like organizing,  enjoy working with numbers, and/or who are generally comfortable with various tasks involving the day-to-day running of an office.

Data Entry – We need people who don’t mind, and perhaps even enjoy, entering information into data bases, so that we can more effectively care for people in need. Our data bases cover a variety of ministry areas for the Mission, including pickups, deliveries, guests, volunteers, Christmas, and more.

Office Administration – We need people who know what it takes to keep an office running smoothly, and who don’t mind “pitching-in” with various tasks to better help us care for people.  These tasks could include (but aren’t necessarily limited to) the following:

Filing Copying Organizing  Cleaning
Documentation Reports Research Mailings

On any given day, we have tasks which need doing, and someone to help make it happen. The chart above provides general categories, but truthfully, there are multiple opportunities every day, which you could help us accomplish, many which are not listed.  Please give us a call, or come on down, and we’ll get you to work.

For those who love working with people

The Mission Arlington® main campus downtown is a constant beehive of activity, and there are so many fun ways to interact with, and to be a blessing to people.  A few of the possibilities are listed below:

  • Phone Volunteers – Someone to answer the phones, and to connect callers to the portion of the ministry that would be most helpful to them.
  • Parking Assistants  – People who help volunteers and guests find a parking space, then point them in the direction they need to go, or to connect them to Mission transportation
  • Caregivers – People who know how to listen and to respond to need in a prayerful way, but without having to fix someone’s problems. Caregivers will help people connect to the resources they need;
  • Receipts Writers – People who welcome volunteers with a friendly & enthusiastic spirit, helping them feel welcome, while providing a receipt for their donation.

Whether you like working with people, or processes, we’ve got a spot for you.  Come see us when it is right for you, and we’ll get you to work.  You can make a difference here.


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