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A Balanced Approach

From the beginning, our hope has been to respond authentically to people’s needs whether those needs are physical, spiritual, emotional, or educational. Through the years Tillie has reminded the mission family that “it takes four tires on a car to keep it moving on down the road.”  If only one tire isn’t working properly, the car stops altogether. By this standard, supporting a student’s educational achievement & success is certainly an important part of our work.

Educational challenges of children & youth

According to various agencies who do research on childcare, “after-school” programs help students find success with employment later in life, keep them out of trouble during their school years, and bless hard-working families who want to provide the best for their children.  According to one report:

Children who spend time in enrichment activities have better grades, better work habits and more positive relationships with their peers. “After-school” programs give children the opportunity to develop creative thinking, problem-solving, communication and self-direction skills that are linked with success in the workplace.

We are so blessed to spend time with the students, and to be one contributing factor towards their success in school. When they begin to do better in school, they tend to succeed more at home, in their relationships, and to feel better about themselves.

Working on homework is an important part of Mission Arlington’s “after-school” programs, and it is so fulfilling – and fun too.

Where and when we meet

Our afterschool programs typically meet in the clubhouse or another designated spot in an apartment community where we have an ongoing Bible study presence. This allows the students, young and old, to walk from their home directly to the location of the after-school program.

The date and time of the afterschool programs vary depending upon the needs of the students and the availability of volunteer help.  Some classes meet every day, and others meet twice a week – as soon as school lets out for the day.

How you can help
We are so blessed to support students in our community.  Give Tillie a call at 817-704-6170 if you would like to be a part of this great team of homework helpers.  Some volunteers can volunteer for several days each week, and others can only serve a day or two at a time.  You don’t need to be a genius in the subject matter. All you need is a willing heart and a love for encouraging young people. However and whenever you can help would be so appreciated by the students and by us.
We are grateful for you!
Thank you so much for the many ways you give, volunteer, and pray for Mission Arlington®.  Your support encourages us, and makes such a difference in our community.


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