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Specific teps you might take

Find the Right Place

The right place, of course, is the place that God wants you to be. It will take time in prayer to discern God’s direction. Sometimes the place God chooses for you will already be open and ready for you to begin. At other times, you will be confident of God’s direction, but the place He has chosen for you isn’t yet open to the ministry. In those times, you will need to wait patiently for God to open the door. There may be times, through the years, when ownership or management in your place of service changes, and doors which were once wide open to you will be closed. In those difficult times, the knowledge of God’s call to this place will sustain you and keep your ministry strong.

Enlist a Supportive Team

Sometimes your team might just be you and God. At other times, you may have others who share your heart and passion walking along side of you. Your perception of the type of people you need on your team will influence the size and shape of the team. Be sure that you are open to the people God will send to help you. Team members may teach youth and/or children, or lead your worship. They should help make visits, gather people on Sundays, and spend weekly time in prayer with you.

Start with Bible Study

Set a time and a place for your Bible study to begin. The Bible study should be located where the people are. We know that Bible studies can be held at many different times during the week, but we recommend that you start at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday morning. By starting then you will more likely reach people who do not have a church home. This time is also a traditional time for church in the minds of unchurched people.

Use Events which Gather People

Use a cultivative event, such as a hamburger cook out, or a series of events to spread the word about the Bible study. Let people know that the dress will be casual and the setting informal. Sometimes people respond right away, and the Bible study grows quickly. At other times, it takes time to reach people. Be patient. Don’t get discouraged. God will use your faithfulness in ways that you might not expect.

“Hang out” on Property

Take every opportunity you can to meet people where they are. “Hanging out” with people means meeting people in the “every day-ness” of life—right where they live. Listen to people as they share, and make the most of every conversation to discover where people are in their spiritual journey.

“Hanging out” may mean that you develop ongoing ministries, such as after school programs, conversational English classes, benevolence assistance and/or a host of other activities in order to minister to the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of the people you are wanting to reach. Use events on the calendar, such as Valentine’s day or Thanksgiving as opportunities to gather people together.

Hover around John 3:16

You never know how long the Lord is going to give you with any specific person. The high mobility rates of our society may mean that the mom you just talked to yesterday, might not be there with her family today. Do whatever you can in order not to miss a single life with the opportunity to share Christ. While theological systems are important, when you teach the Bible in these settings, remember that people need Jesus most of all. His love will turn their world right side up.

Stay Accountable

This is an important part of the work. It is too easy to start and stop.  It is important to find people who share the vision God has given you. Meet at least once each week with your prayer partners for the work. Share honestly the successes, disappointments, and perceived failures. Pray faithfully for the people and for each minister in the field. Worship together! When things get tough, dig your well a little deeper. Be refreshed in this accountability, then head back again into the fields.

Have Fun

Your only responsibility is faithfulness to God. You don’t have to carry the load of people’s responsiveness to the gospel truth. Don’t let the world’s standard’s for success force you into false or unrealistic evaluations of your ministry and/or your calling. Whether you reach only one person or a crowd doesn’t matter ultimately, only that you were obedient to God’s call. Let God’s love flow through you to others. Relax.Enjoy Him. Love the people. Have fun.


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