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Amazon Smile Triples Benefit

Non Profits Smile with Amazon

A few year’s back, the industry giant Amazon created a back channel, a parallel website, designed to support non-profits across the nation. The alternative website was exactly the same as the original, but with one difference.  When customers purchased eligible products from “smile.amazon.com” instead of “amazon.com” the company would forward 0.5 percent of the purchase to the customer-designated, participating non-profit organization.  Many of you have graciously designated Mission Arlington® / Mission Metroplex® as your non-profit of choice, and subsequently, Amazon has forwarded thousands of dollars to people in need here over the past few years.  We are so grateful for your partnership.

Triple the Benefit

We received a note from the good folks at Amazon Smile this morning telling us that for a period of time, they will be tripling the benefit to the non-profits their customers support.  From March 12th – March 31st, when you support this ministry through eligible purchases on Amazon Smile, Amazon will send 1.5 percent of your first purchase our way, triple the typical benefit.  Through the end of this month, your support will go three times as far!

How to support the work here!

If you haven’t signed on yet to let your everyday purchases through Amazon provide support to the work of Mission Arlington®, then click this LINK.  Designate Mission Metroplex as your non-profit of choice, then Amazon Smile will do the rest.  When you sign up and use this website to make your every day purchases, we will receive 0.5 percent of the total purchase price.  During the rest of this month, your first purchase will triple that benefit. We are always grateful for your support.


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