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You Amaze us! Thank you!

Mission Arlington

A beautiful, early morning at Mission Arlington in the Fall. Serving the Lord in our 36th year.

Thursday, September 23rd, was North Texas Giving Day, an annual North Texas tradition sponsored by the good folks at the Communities Foundation of Texas. For the past 12 years, they have raised millions of dollars for more than 3,200 North Texas nonprofits. On this special day, according to their website, “everyone has the opportunity to be a philanthropist,” and to help build a stronger, more vibrant community. We are grateful for everyone who worked so hard to make this day a special success.

Tillie Burgin

Tillie Burgin, Executive Director, since August 1st, 1986.

Though Mission Arlington® doesn’t do direct marketing or fund raising, and never will, we have been a participant in this special day since it began back in 2009.  We continue to be humbled and honored by the amazing, faithful generosity of our community to care for people in need. Yesterday, through official and unofficial channels, you provided more support than ever before. Though the final numbers from all sources haven’t yet been tallied, initial counts indicate that giving this year was ahead of last year’s totals by about 45 percent. Wow!

We are so truly grateful for you. You give when times are good, and when times are hard. Even when you don’t have much extra for your own family, you still give, so that others in need can find the help and hope they need.  For 35 years, you have been faithfully & generously supportive of the ministry here  We are proud to continue reporting that more than 98.5 cents of every dollar you give, ministers directly to people in need.  Our documented audits demonstrate that our administrative overhead continues to be a low 1.47 percent.

Tillie Burgin has been here since Mission Arlington® began thirty-five (35) years ago. We are currently in our 36th year. The HOLIDAY season is directly ahead.  The Fall Festival, Thanksgiving Day deliveries, and Christmas Store are just around the corner.

We love serving the Lord with you in this beautiful community. Come join us, won’t you?


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