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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ashley had spent her teenage years living for herself, indulging in whatever she wanted to try, but her priorities changed drastically seven years ago when she became pregnant. She knew had to stop the drugs and recklessness for her son. While she was trying to get better, someone invited her to a Mission Arlington® church in East Arlington.

That’s where she met her pastor, Marci.  Marci helped Ashley find an apartment, provided furniture and clothes, and taught her about the Bible.  Ashley says, “She became much more than a pastor to me.  She is a friend, a best friend.“  Through Marci’s actions and testimony, Ashley knew that Jesus must be real and Jesus began to really change her life.

After some time and growth, Ashley began teaching the 1st – 6th graders at the Arbors Bible Study.  In the past month, God has allowed her to start a brand new work in the apartments where she lives.

After a bad fire, Ashley visited the manager to see how Mission Arlington could help.  The manager replied that the people in her complex really needed Jesus and asked if the Mission could start a Bible Study.  The next week, Ashley had keys to a vacant apartment and a roomful of adults and children learning the truth about God.

Her favorite thing about teaching is seeing her people begin their relationship with Christ.  She says, “To know that I can be a part of it all and that God chose me, that’s special.”


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