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At Year’s End

Mission Arlington in 2019. It has been a blessed and beautiful year!

Time moves quickly. It is hard to believe that this year is already at an end. So many have been through so much this year, and we have been so honored to walk this journey in our community. Thanks to each of you for your constant encouragement and support.

Year End Schedule

We will be here on New Year’s Eve to provide help for people in need.  We will also be here for you to drop off your donations until 5:00 p.m.  We will be here on New Year’s Day, in full service, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Your Financial Support

Your financial support means so much to the work here, as we strive to care well for the people who come through our front doors every day.  Our administrative overhead continues to be a very low 1.8%. This means that more than 98 cents out of each dollar you give directly ministers to people in need. Every service we provide through Mission Arlington® is free of charge, and we don’t sell what you so generously provide.  When you give it, we give it away.

There are many ways that you can provide financially for the work here:

  1.  Write a check to Mission Arlington® . You can drop it off at our main offices, or put it in the mail to 210 W. South St., Arlington, TX 76013. Checks must be postmarked by December 31st to be counted as a 2019 contribution;
  2.  Give Online.  Click the following LINK to make an online donation to our work here.
Results for the Year

We look forward to sharing our annual results with you as we enter the new year.  Come see us when you can!  We are so grateful for our journey together through 2019, and we look forward to walking together with this incredible community through 2020.


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