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Baseball in the Fall

Starting tomorrow, September 21st, from 10 to noon, Mission Arlington® will be playing baseball again. We love the Fall, and so do the children who come out to learn the art, skill, hard work, and great fun of the baseball experience.  The academy will continue for three more Saturdays after tomorrow – September 28th, October 5th, and 12th.

Bible study leaders scour the community, picking up children and taking them to Hunter’s Field.  The elementary-aged young people meet our volunteer coaches there, led by former AISD Superintendent and head coach Jerry McCullough.

The students practice their skills by throwing and catching the ball for a while, running bases, catching fly balls hit by the coaches, then playing a few games against each other.

Each week, the children will get to experience a devotional thought from the Bible, led by Jerry or one of his coaches.   There are always many smiles and a lot of laughter all around.

This  event continues through the next couple of Saturdays, then picks up again in the Spring.

Every ministry of Mission Arlington®  is free of charge.

We are always so grateful for your support.


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